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Is there anything that has helped you with chronic fatique syndrome?
These are somethings that have helped me.

Last January I was seeing a Dr. for ear pain and kept asking him why is my ear pain causing my to feel so horrible and be tired all the time. He didn't have an answer. I would sleep 10-12 hours and still be tired. In April it switched and I was only getting 4 hours of sleep at the most. In May my anixiety got extremely high. At the end of June I wasn't able to work anymore. The last day I worked it felt like I was going to collapse. The first 3 weeks I was off all I could do is lay in bed or the lazy-boy. I was seeing a Dr., therapist, acupuncturist and chiropractor. In August the Dr. finally diagnosed me with chronic fatique syndrome.

Symptoms are:
Exhaustion, brain fog, dizzy speels, headaches, shortness of breath, anxiety, ear pain. Ear pain (also sensitive to noise) was caused by TMJ I found out I have. I was clinching my teeth. I seen a chiropractor for this. He would crack my ears (not my neck) and showed me stretching exercises. Turn head left count to 10. Turn head right, tilt head left, tilt head right, lean head foward, lean head back. Count to 10 after each one. Don't over turn. Do this a couple times a day. Also massage temples and in front of ears down jaw. Over time this helped ease the pain and sound sensitivity.

Early on I hardly ate anything. I noticed when I ate something I would feel a little better. Later on it seemed I was always hungry. I figured out that if I ate 4 times a day I would feel better. If I was hungry in between I would have a snack. If I started feeling better and didn't eat I would end up crashing. Meals don't have to be big just so I ate something depending on how hungry I was. I don't eat junk food, pizza, chips, pop, etc., these made me feel worst. Alcohol would cause me to crash. Breakfast really helped in the morning.

I use nasal strips at night. The cheap ones don't work as well.
Sinus flush. I do this about 2 hours before I go to bed. I use a squeeze bottle.
Also have used both of these during the day if shortness of breath is bad.
I got muscle jerks when I would lay in bed or was in a resting position.
Since I started doing this I'm sleeping a lot better. I don't get muscle jerks very often anymore and my shortness of breath has improved.

I read magnesium helps people with CFS so I tried it. It really seemed to help me. I take 500mg daily. I think the recommended daily for men is 420 mg. Not sure for a women. It didn't happen to me but taking this can cause diarrhea.
Epsom salt has magnesium in it. I started bathing in it every morning and soaking my feet at night. This really helps relieve symptoms in the morning.

I read some people with CFS have old injuries and certain movements can trigger it. I seperated my shoulder really bad over 20 years ago and was hit by a truck where I needed ankle surgery over 10 years ago. I was sweeping the garage one day and instintly crashed. I figured out that movement was triggering CFS due to my shoulder injury. I started stretching in the morning and at night and started feeling better. It took months to get it stretched out but I could tell my CFS symptoms were easing up during this time.

This is tricky. I try to walk 3-4 times a day for 20-30 min. When I relapse I don't walk. Usually takes me 3 days to come out of a relapse. Use to take 5-7 days. I noticed that if I lay around for days at a time I seem to get worse if I'm not in a relapse. Even if I'm tired I will try to walk. I've learned to tell if I'm getting worse when I walk. If I feel the same as when I started I usually try to keep going. Try to find your own pace.

I still have symptoms everyday, but by doing these things I have been able to start doing the basic everyday things again and I keep improving. I hope something in here will help you.

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