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Hello editor,
I replied to the previous thread on alcohol and it was taken out of context.
Let me say long ,loud and clear that alcohol per se is something that will set CFS sufferers back- no question.
The context was one glass of red wine (MAXIMUM) in the middle of the night to get u tired and off to sleep.At the level of one glass,it will not "disrupt sleeping patterns".However any more than that and it does start having negative effects.One glass of wine does not have much of an effect at the best of times, but if it does, then lower the amount to 3/4 or 1/2 glass.
For CFS sufferers,it will not work every night but u will be better of some nights.
My information comes from a website that catalogues university research in America. One glass was their figure and that is what seems to work practically.
Red wine is superior to other types of alcohol such as spirits ,beer and even white wine because it contains a chemical component called polyphenols one of which is revastropol. It is not the alcohol that is of benefit but the components of the fermented red grape juice.Go for red grapes from colder climates, such as pinot noir.
Long term studies show that ppl who drink one glass of red wine live longer than teetotallers,who in turn live longer than ppl who drink several glasses daily.
Editor-without knowing u age,what u eat, u weight, all u symptoms, how long u have been drinking, etc. its hard to know, but i would say that 2 glasses of beer per day long term is too much and it might have caught up with u.I would hazard a guess that its u liver, in not breaking down the alcohol, that is causing this. The only obvious thing I can suggest is to stay on the wagon.
To conclude,a glass of red wine during the night is only a minor thing for CFS sufferers-some nights, they will be a bit better off- thats all.
Hello Editor,
I have CFS. I used to get chest pain and pain down my arm like I was having a heart attack when I would drink. I was a beer drinker too. I stopped drinking last June and haven't had that problem. 2 weeks ago I had a drink of beer to see what would happen and in a short time I started having chest pain again. I don't know if this is related to what you have. Best of wishes.
Hi Brenden,
My symptoms are exhaustion (mornings are especially bad), shortness of breath (walk a flight of stairs feels like I ran a marthon), headaches (sharp ones mostly at night), dizzy spells (been so dizzy I've fallen), brain fog (have a tough time remembering and concentrating), nausea and had both insomnia and another time I was sleeping for 10-12 hours and still exhausted. I was seeing a Dr. and he was treating for depression and kpt telling him that I wasn't depressed. I had a physical job and I told him that I used to be able to do all this stuff now I'm exhausted after an hour. That's when he diagnosed me with cfs. One of the things I did later was to have a daily log on how I felt and what I did. If I felt good or bad I would put it in there and for how long and syptoms I was having. This helped him understand what I was going trough. I posted a thread that says things that helped me with cfs you might want to read. Hopefully this is helpful for you. If you have any more questions I will try to help.

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