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Tired all the time
Apr 10, 2011
So. My apologies if this is in the wrong section, but (obviously) I've been struggling with tiredness for a while. I just don't have any energy. Even if I get a good 8-9 or even 10 hours of sleep, I go to school and feel weak and sick. It doesn't matter if I eat breakfast or not. It doesn't matter what I eat for breakfast. I always have this feeling of heaviness in my head, like it's full of lead or something, and I can't concentrate. I fall into deep sleep during class all the time. People usually have to shake me to get me to wake up. When I get home, I usually feel even weaker and sicker. There's this pressing headache behind my eyes that completely overpowers everything. Often times, I end up falling asleep and being knocked out for a few hours. I get up, still feeling exhausted, do my homework, have dinner, and go to bed. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Now, some background info.

- I've been diagnosed with clinical depression. I stopped taking medication a while ago (with the doctor's permission, of course) because it wasn't helping. While on the medication, I felt even more tired. I've been having the problem with tiredness for years, though, long before I even considered that I might have depression.

- I have a weak immune system, probably due to asthma. I get sick at least once a month most of the time and take at least a few days to feel better.

- I've experienced other strange symptoms off and on like muscle twitching, tingling fingertips, random pounding headaches, numbness in one side of my face, occasional dizziness, missed periods, loss of apetite, and irritation.

- I'm not and have never been sexually active, so I know I'm not pregnant.

- I've never used drugs or alcohol.

- I get stressed out really easily, especially when I'm tired, and often feel like simple tasks are overwhelmingly difficult.

- It definitely gets worse when it's hot or when I'm on my period.

- I've had my blood tested three times in the past two years. I don't have anemia or any thyroid problems, and I'm not deficient in iron. The doctor didn't, however, mention if anything else was abnormal. So I don't know.

- I'm usually not as tired on the weekends, but even then, I get worn out really easily. If I just sit around and do nothing I'm usually fine, but even getting up to do a few simple chores can wear me out.

- I have tried getting less sleep and forcing myself not to take naps. It just makes me feel worse.

- The last few times I've had my blood pressure taken, it's been slightly lower than the normal range.

- I'm overweight.

My counselor has suggested that I try exercising more, but I'm too tired to exercise in the first place. I can hardly keep my eyes open during the day - where am I supposed to get the energy for that? She's suggested that I try eating healthier, but my dad insists that we're eating fine and won't buy different food. I've tried going to bed earlier, drinking more water, taking shorter naps, etc. Nothing changed. I've talked to my parents about this multiple times and they just keep telling me to drink more water, get more protein, and go to bed earlier. Which I've tried. They probably think I'm being a hypochondriac, but this is starting to bother me, a lot, and nobody will listen. Any advice or ideas of what this could be?

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