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Hi Brenden,
Sorry to hear your having so many problems. I posted a thread "things that have helped my cfs", I think there are some things in there that will help you. I posted it pretty fast to try and help people with this because I know how much they suffer from it being I have it. The magnesium was hugh for me and Bio-Strath. The bio-strath achually helped clear my brain fog. I don't know if the timing was right for it to work for me or what but it worked. I also take d-ribose. When I would get stressed I wasn't hungry and didn't eat and I would get worse. Eating helped me maintain my enegy level. After I would come out of a relapse after a couple days I would always have to eat more to try and build my energy level back up. I noticed if my nose was plugged up even a little I always felt worse. Once I got it unplugged I instintly would fell much better. Getting as much oxygen in me is hugh. I try to keep my nasel passages open as much as possible. I never really got depressed, but my anxiety is high. I could never understand why. Then it occured to me that cfs for me was debilitating. It's more then just being tired, when I tried to do something there was no energy to beable to do it. Before cfs if I was tired I still had some energy left in the tank to keep going. Now I try there's nothing there. Also with cfs I could instintly being exhausted, so my anxiety would always be high if I was doing something not knowing if I could finish it. From a year even 3 months ago I've improve dramatically. I hope something helps you here,

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