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Hello everyone. Please forgive the question (just getting fed-up with doctors)

For around 2 years now have been suffering for stress/anxiety and in the last 5 months panic attacks.
I am male 39 & overweight by a few stone (sorry to say cannot lose weight have tried but find it hard to find the energy to)

Also have been told i have costochondritis and have been treated for that for a few years now.
If i list my systoms hopefully they may help
Stress/Anxiety + Panic Attacks.
Difficulty falling asleep & Staying asleep (sometimes waking 10-20 times a night) Try to sleep 7-8 hours.
Constant sleepiness during the day find it hard to keep eye open untill i drift off
Heaviness in the legs and generally all over arms and upper bady (find that it is more comfitable to walk stooped over) as trying to stay up right is tiring.
Get fatigue easy ie playing with the kids after a few mins.
Constant aches in the muscles mainly chest/arms/legs.
Sinus headaches.
Seen to have sinus issuse constant feeling of blocked.
Aso when i wake always having to hack up brown/green mucus off my chest (dont smoke have never).
This is a bugger fasciculations/Twitching mainly in the calfs but also the thigh and elbow sometimes worse with over use.
Joint aches in the hand/wrist/ankles.
And a strange one can nolonger drink alcohol (used to drink alot a few years back) have not had alcohol for 5 months now as when i have had even 1 pint it would take me a few days to recover would just stay in bed and try to recover.

As i said a bit fed-up with doctors so any help would be good

How exactly does alcohol effect you? Describe your feelings during and after you drink.

Regards, Brenden.
Hello Brenden, I will try to explain (first would like to say that is a very good question).

1st would say i used to be a very social drinker up to around Jan 2011 but then after that would pop into my local but found that would order a bottle of brown ale but found during drinking it it was as if i got an overload on my senses IE would start to get very warm,dizzy and it would feel as if i had gained a vast amount of weight legs heavy (would kind of relate it to a panic attack)would end up leaving about half a bottle and try making my way home.

After wards would feel as if i had been on a massive drinking spree IE tired,heavy feeling and come next day would wake-up feeling okish but would walk into my local town ok but then it would hit me again would feel tight chested, legs heavy, brain feeling foggy, lightheaded (would say again as if i had a drinking spree) then it would be get home and rest for a few days to recover.
Then the last time i ever had a drink was all the same feelings but the major difference was the next day i felt so bad i was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack (heaviness chest, arm, headache, all left-side pulse had gone to 130, bp 154/137) Was put down to a major panic attack but have never found out that much after.

But from what i can look back on roughly everytime in the lasf few months running up to the last time i have had a drink (maybe 1 or 2) it has started taking longer and longer to recover.

Hope this is clear as i am not a great one for explaining things.


Must add as from when i was sent to hospital i am now scared to drink alcohol and any food stuff that contains it (sounds strange for me to say that as years ago i was drinking every day)
Hi Chris,

Thanks for the explanation. I no longer have a tolerance for alcohol either, which was why I asked. Mine started as a feeling of abdominal tightness or "stiches" feeling, the feeling you get when you exercise or do too much after eating. I can no longer tolerate the alcohol. My symptoms would ease up if I laid down, but the last time I tried drinking I got very flushed and uneasy so I figured, forget it.

I too have had hypertensive spikes such as you described. After googling until I can't take it anymore, I have come across some things that can do it, though I don't know if they apply to you. You may want to research them and suggest them to your doctor. One is a tumor on the adrenal gland. It's rare and benign, called a pheochromocytoma, you can read about it online. Another thing are certain other tumors that can release chemicals that cause these nutty spikes, etc. These conditions are rare, but worth thinking about. I've had a number of tests and so far am still searching. I used to be able to work all day, but now can only work a few hours and I am done. I am a painter and have to go up and down ladders all day. How is your resting heart rate and blood pressure? Does your pulse go up alot when doing mild exercise? You gave your weight in "stone" but Yanks this side of the pond don't know what that

Regards, Brenden.
Hi i am about 17 kilos over weight,

How is your resting heart rate and blood pressure? heart rate around 65 and bp around 117/80

And yes pulse rate goes up to around 110-130 and takes its time to come down

The alcohol thing is really strange.

At the moment i am trying to self treat as dont have alot of faith in the doctors after they tried to push me onto antidepressants (telling me that all their friends take them and it was the in thing).

So i use saint johns wort and take garlic & codliver oil and about to start L-Carnitine < edited >

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