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Hmm, I guess I should just wait then. I actually think my first blood test also ruled out thyroid problems, as I have heard my cardiologist AND my GP say it couldn't be my thyroid after looking at my blood test results (I've actually never seen the results myself).

The only problem is, that the cardiologist seems to be very busy and he's taking a long time to diagnose me. I'm not really getting a very high priority on the tests because I'm not in acute danger.

So I'm now dealing with this fatigue for 8 months now. I got referred to the cardiologist in september, so that's after the 4th month. Then I had to wait one month until I finally got my tests, and another month to get the results. Now I am waiting yet another month to get my last test from the cardiologist...

I am getting a sick of being tired all day (like feeling you've had a party till 3am the night before all the time), so my only option is to try some things myself.

I've come up with the following things that seem to help:
1.Getting a good night's sleep
2.Eating eggs seems to help a bit
3.Getting some exercise

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