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Anyone who reads this and might have a clue what i may have please comment: i am 17 years old and i was sitting in class one day and i just all of the sudden became dizzy, light-headed, nauseous, sensitive with all 5 of the senses, very bad feeling behind eyes, paranoid, anxiety. So i called my parents and they signed me out and i went straight to my local clinic to get it checked out. i had an energy drink right before that and that could have triggered something, the clinic says that it might have been all the caffeine and i was hoping that was all it was. she also said i had fluid behind both ears. I got calmed down that evening and i was still very light-headed, nauseous, weird tingling sensation on my legs and arms(they would vary positons either on my arms or either on my legs but not at same time.) when the clinic found out they couldnt tell me what i may have, i got really bad anxiety and paranoia. i went to a neurologist and we did a ct scan on my head and i had no tumors and everything looked normal, (nervous system and everything)he said it could be labyrinthitis( a real bad case of inner ear infection) or in about another year if i am still dizzy and light-headed and scan my head again and see if i have multiple sclerosis. I was just telling you all what happened. So here is my aggravating problem now that i want resolved, i have a real bad pressure type feeling/ heavy feeling behind my eyes and its hard to focus on things. i dont have tingling sensations anymore but it seem i have sensitive skin. i recently have had throbbing headaches rated to about 6 or 7 from 1 to 10. i also have to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out asap also.. wwell there is my story and i have been miserable for about 4 months now and if u have any advice that would be very very helpful. please leave comments

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