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At the age of 24 you would think that I would be at the peak of my energy threshold instead, I find the most simply tasks very difficult. My life has gone from being a completely active kid with everything from dancing to sports to basically waking up and laying on the couch with absolutely no energy for anything. I was looking for ideas on what would make someone this tired so that I could go to the doctor and have a list of things my doctor could test for. Diet wise I havenít been eating too well. I live with my mom & grandmother.

My grandmother has been diagnosed with Alzheimerís disease and has been sick for the past 5 years so unfortunately we had to have all the knobs taken off our old stove because she has tried to cook and set fires. So, the microwave has become my new best friend. Yes, I know itís not good to eat like that but my living circumstances canít be changed until she passes since we are her only means of full time caretakers.

My diet is very poor, I used to eat meat but was never big on it so I stopped eating all types and also fish (never liked it much) about 3 years now. When I first started, my body was quite happy. I lost about 10 pounds within the first two months. I was doing well weight wise, I was about 20-30 pounds from my goal weight when I was rear ended at a red light and obtained some pretty bad injuries which would both require surgeries months later and unfortunately I gained all my weight back plus some. Now, I find myself eating a lot of the same things everyday and Iím really quite sick of it.

Since we canít cook at my house because of my grandma I tend to eat a lot of frozen dinners or prepared things that I can buy from the store. I also eat a lot of fast food but usually certain things since vegetarian fast food is hard to find. I know that diet can be a factor in my loss of energy so thatís why I wanted to give a little back story on my diet.

My days now basically consist of sleeping in till 5pm, lying on the couch watching TV, movies, playing video games, caring for my dogs and my grandmother. I have pretty bad insomnia for a few years now which basically I assumed from either my depression itself or the medication I have been put on for it. I was working full time up until about 6 months ago, so my sleeping schedule was more normal then but now that Iím not working, my sleep schedule has become really wacky. I was always a night owl but month by month my bedtime has become later and later to the point where even when I try to go to bed earlier I canít sleep at all, even when I take medications to help me sleep.

When I do find myself able to go to bed earlier, I sleep through my alarm or find myself unable to get out of bed. When I do get up, I end up falling asleep on the couch during a movie or have to force myself to stay awake by drinking tons of coffee or taking caffeine pills just too barely function. I have found that the longer I have been on any type of theses pills to help me sleep, whenever all natural like melatonin or prescribed sleeping pills from my doctor, my tolerance for them has become quite high and I find them not working anymore or barely working.

I know it seems silly that I am here on this forum trying to gather information about being tired all the time, yet I actually have trouble actually sleeping. If anyone could offer me any tips on changing my sleep schedule so I can get to bed and wake up at a more decent time I would be very grateful.

It has become harder and harder to do the little things like stand in the shower or take care of my dogs. At first I thought maybe I was just lazy but I found myself needing to sleep more and having trouble with such simple tasks. I have basically stopped trying to do anything that requires me to exert a decent amount of energy which is bad for someone of my age. I feel like Iím missing out on so much in life and I just want to have a normal life. I have lost a lot of friends since not a lot of people would put up with me always breaking plans since I could barely stay awake and most people just didnít understand.

Health wise I donít have anything majorly wrong with me or at least I havenít been diagnosed with anything yet. I do get sick very easily, even when I was younger I found myself missing a lot of school because even being near anyone with the slightest cold I would catch it and be sick for weeks. When I was a junior in high school, I lost a friend in a horrific car crash which started my depression and thatís why my doctor put me on antidepressants and anxiety medication.

I started to experience terrible nausea everyday to the point where I would gag nonstop but never vomit. This went on for years, but unfortunately I missed a lot of school because of it and my mom had me home schooled from there on. The doctors chalked up the nausea as stress related and years later it died down but I still experience it every once and awhile. Every since then, I have been on antidepressants and anxiety medications which may contribute to my lack of energy.

I am also in a lot of pain joint wise, my fingers and other joints tend to ache a lot but the doctors could never figure it out. Always came back with negative results for things like limes disease and such. Iím not sure if the pain contributes to my exhaustion or is simply another symptom.

I tend to have problems with my bladder as well. I always have to run to the bathroom and have constant Urinary tract infections. I have been to a specialist who checked my bladder out with a camera but the results from the test came back normal. I thought maybe I should be checked out for diabetes since it runs in my family and I have the exhaustion plus the bladder issues.

If anyone could help suggest things to improve my energy levels or suggest tests that I should tell my doctors about so I could start feeling better, Iíd appreciate it. If anyone else suffers from similar symptoms or is close to my age and finds themselves always exhausted, please let me know what you do to improve your all around health or what helps you increase your energy so you actually can participate more in your own life. I am up for suggestions and also just to talk to people who feel similar about just wanting to enjoy their life more than just basically watch it pass by.

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