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Hi Lala,

It's been weeks of different tests.. and at some stage I tried thinking backwards.... I did actually have major migraines for about 2 weeks (most days) back in October... and had a bit of major body flu symptoms a few days in December... but all the above didn't really start until 9 or 10weeks ago.

I've been tested for lots of things.. (what I can remember)

Glandular Fever
Barma Forest Virus
Epstein Barr

Everything is coming back negative...

Then last week I had some blood in my stool so Doc wants me to get a colonoscopy to just double check for tumours etc.. not sure if this is related to the other stuff... before that, wasn't having any bowel probs at all

Hmm I'm not sure about stress? There is always major things going on but it doesn't usually effect my body....... not sure about that

I'm still looking forward to finding some answers!!

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