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Beginnings of CFS?
Feb 20, 2012
Following symptoms for 7 weeks now...

- fatigue including body aches, joint aches (right down to my fingers)
- numb and tingly hands
- dizziness
- problems concentrating
- problems remembering things
- trouble sleeping in 3ish night lots
- the rest of the time - able to sleep way too much (an extra 5 hours here and there in the middle of the day with no effect to normal bed times)
- body twitches - eyes, leg
- occassional racing heart at random times
- occasional headaches

I had blood tests and was told I had low B12 - the number was 133. Doc said it's low, but not low enough to be too worried about - he put me on high potency B12 pills which I've been taking for 6 weeks. Will get this retested soon.

Second round of blood tests tested for glandular fever, ross river virus, barma forest, etc - all came back negative.

In both tests I had a high level of inflammation - the number was 15 (I don't really understand this but the DR said it usually means you have a virus of some kind, anyway it stayed 15 for both tests which were a week apart)

Went to a specialist today and he's testing for a whole pile of other things..... he said Chronic Fatigue takes like 6 months to diagnose so just wondering.. does this sound like the beginnings of Chronic Fatigue?

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