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My husband is 37 years old and he is in a good shape (swimming 5 times a week). We avoid eating eat junk food. Quite recently we went gluten-free. We take vitamin-mineral supplements (vitamin B complex, Copper, Selenium, Omega 3, Silica, 2 gr of vitamin C).
For over two years now he’s been “too tired”, most notably after a meal. Sometimes it is overwhelming and prevents him from functioning normally. He’s often bloated (notably in the lower right quadrant) but never constipated. This seems to be one of the major symptoms – relation between meals and lack of energy. The mentioned supplements have helped a bit, but the problem remains. From time to time he would feel dizzy and extremely weak. He’s always been sporty, but he started noticing decrease in his energy levels.
He doesn’t have any sleeping problems. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t use drugs. He’s been low-spirited for about a couple of months mostly due to this incredible lack of energy.
His GP has ruled out infections and viruses like HIV and hepatitis. His thyroid seems to be OK and his blood work didn’t show anything abnormal. He’s seen a gastroenterologist once who ruled out helicobacter pylori. He was never tested for Lyme, IBS...In the end his GP gave up and thinks it is normal for his age! Despite her opinion, we plan to visit a cardiologist, endocrinologist, and return to the gastroenterologist.

Could it be that this chronic fatigue is caused by something somatic after all? Do you think that seeing a homeopath could be beneficial? Any advice on how to improve his current condition?


p.s. The only reason why I'm writting this and not him is that it's one of those moments he feels too tired...

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