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I think tylenol works decently. The advil and aleve don't do anything for me. I just got a call back from my neurologists office telling me they are not going to order the MRI. So I guess there is nothing more I can really do.

I also know that because i'm a computer programmer that I sit behind a computer all day which affects my spine and my neck and also I don't get a lot of exercise.

I think at some point we just have to trust the doctors. I saw a hematologist/oncologist for over 6 months because of my constant slightly raised white blood cell count, all other counts were fine. She tested me for everything and everything always came back negative. I read that White Counts can be slightly off with CFS which would make sense for me.

I keep a daily log of symptoms and have been doing this for over a year now. I also keep a document of all the medical tests i've had done and the doctors i've seen. I just open that up and it makes me feel better.

Here is a little example of the stuff I put together that really calms my anxious mind when it comes to this:

Tests in Early 2011 - 2012 that were Negative:

Hepatitis B and C = Negative
EEG = Normal (6/27/2012)
Hypo/Hyperparathyroidism = Negative (2/21/2012)
HIV = Negative (12/2010 and 1/20/2012)
Syphilis = Negative (1/20/2012)
Cardiac CTA = Normal (1/2012)
Thyroid Ultrasound = Normal (1/23/2012)
Holter Monitor and EKG = Normal (12/2011)
Leukemia = Negative
Lymphoma = Negative
Cushings Disease = Negative
Parasites = Negative (12/2010)
Liver Inflammation/Enlargement = Negative
Gallstones = Negative Ultrasound (september 2011)
Chest XRAY = Normal (several, most recent in mid December 2011)
Neck/Upper Spine XRAY = Normal (spring 2011)
Soft Tissue Throat XRAY = Normal (spring 2011)
MRI of Brain no Contrast = Normal (summer 2011)
CT Scan of Brain no Contrast = Normal (summer 2011)
Sinusitis = Negative (summer 2011)
Lupus = Negative
Stress Test and Echocardiogram = Normal (2/2011)

Tests Found:

1/3/2011 - CT Scan of abdomen and pelvis = Fatty Liver
8/22/2011 - Thyroid Blood Test = TPO antibodies 174, should be none. Indicates Hashimotos Thyroiditis.
9/2011 - Ultrasound of right Abdomen = 2.3cm Hemangioma on right hepatic lobe near the porta hepatis.
9/2011 - Spit Adrenal Test = Low, could be reason for fatigue. Cortisol Sum is 18.6 and supposively normal is between 23-42.
11/7/2011 - Dermatologist - Keratosis Pilaris (means nothing! benign like acne!)
1/6/2012 – Low vitamin d and positive mono test. Very slightly raised eosinophils (550). Was put on 50,000 IU of Vitamin D for 4 weeks.
1/23/2012 – Thyroid Ultrasound was normal but they found a 1.4 x 0.8 x 1.1 cm mass with echogenic center/hilum that is benign and is commonly seen in hashimotos thyroiditis which I have. Highly suggestive of a benign lymph node. Hyperparathyroidism should be excluded clinically but it is unlikely to be a parathyroid adenoma (benign).
4/07/2012 – Allergic to Oak trees (3 out of 5), mildly allergic to some mold (1 or 2 out of 5). Did better on pulmonary function test after using the inhaler medicine (33% better than without the medicine), but the test was only slightly off so he said he wouldn't even call it asthma and he wasn't going to give me any medication.

Overall Doctors Seen:

Primary Care Physician - Often
Ear Nose and Throat – Summer/Fall 2011
Endocrinologist - 12/2011 and 1/2012
Oncologist/Hematologist – 12/2010 – 5/2011
Physical Therapist/Chiropractor – Summer 2011
Infectious Disease Doctor – Late 2010 and 1/2012
Cardiologist – February 2011 and December 2011 - Current
Neurologist – Spring/Summer 2011
Gastroenterologist - October 2011
Psychiatrist – Summer 2011
Dermatologist – November 2011
ER Doctors

This seems to be a good strategy for me, I'm not sure if it will work for everyone though but I found it has really helped in knowing the efforts I've taken and the doctors have taken and all the stuff that has been ruled out. Not to mention i've been like this off and on for the past 3 years.

Hope this helps.

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