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18 year old male - sorry this is a bit of a long road but thankyou to anyone who manages it!

For nearly 4 months now I have been having many symptoms on and off - these all started following mmr and dtap boosters prior to going to university. A week after these vaccinations a gland came up under my left arm, this was quite large so i went back to my doctor who gave me a course of antibiotics in case it was an infection. I took 3 days of these but had a severe adverse reaction to them (unable to eat whatsoever, nausea, vomiting and headaches) so the doctor took me off them and told me to just recover as in this period i lost a stone in weight from being unable to eat.

For several weeks after this i continued to feel very unwell with muscle aches, continuing headaches and the gland remained swollen although went down significantly to what it was. Upon going to university the symptoms seemed to get even worse with more glands coming up (not huge but definatly palpable - i'd estimate 1-1.5cm) under my other arm, at the side of my neck, a small one above the left collarbone and in the groin area slightly (all of which stil remain). I began experiencing muscle aches in my legs and arms along with joint pain in my elbows, knees and fingers (seems to switch about quite frequently with no sign of inflammation or redness).

The major symptom for a while was extreme nausea and loss of appetite along with upset stomach constantly, rumbling very frequently, gas and burning sensation in the throat. Along with this i also became highly anxious and depressed due to not knowing what was wrong and fearing the worst. I continued seeing a GP who has done numerous blood tests and ruled out glandular fever, thyroid problems, HIV as well as my main concerns of leukemia and lymphoma (ruled out through 4 sets of normal blood tests and the glands texture, small size and non growing nature.)

The symptoms however are still persisting (yet not quite as extreme thankfully!) the glands have also gone down somewhat and the doctor has put me on medication for what he feels is IBS developed from all of this, they seem to be helping a little which is good. The main problems now is a continuing mild nausea, the persistant glands which are relativly small and generally painless but occassionally ache a little and a few times i've awoken in the night to horribly achy underarms. I get a horrible brain fog and can't think straight after i've done too much which isn't easy when you're in your first year of university. Additionally i've also gained a little weight (2 stone so i now weigh an extra stone from when aoll of this started) but this is likely due to the limited excersize i've managed due to feeling unwell. My sleep has also suffered and I often struggle to get to sleep and frequently wake up in the middle of the night leaving me feeling tired and unrefreshed upon getting up in the morning (which incidently is when my main nausea symptoms exist). For the past few weeks i've also had a constant mil headache around my eyes and sinus areas along with very bloodshot eyes in the evening (probably due to being over-tired). One last little thing is i suffer from quite frequent muscle twitches in my eyelids and frequent muscle cramps/spasms in my neck which can be quite uncomfortable but usually pass in a minute or so.

I mentioned to my doctor the possibility of CFS (as i've known people have it in the past) and they've concluded that they feel it could be the answer but they can only diagnose it after 6 months of symptoms. I'm hoping to get to the bottom of it soon as it's left me feeling constantly tired and unable to concentrate in my lectures which is worrying me a little since i've always been a high achiever and don't really want my grades to start slipping after all the hard work to get to uni =/
Does anyone here feel this is a likely diagnosis or is there something else going on?

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