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I'm definitely new here. I'm 25 and currently going through a bunch of testing and waiting for results and to follow up with Dr. I've looked at the symptoms and they look like everything I've been experiencing. I've drawn the conclusiion that it's either CFS or Mono. But again, waiting for test results. (drumming fingers impatiently - just want to get diaged and treated so I can get feeling better).

So my question is, [U][B]does CFS just hit you like a truck? Or does it develop over time, grow on you?[/B][/U] What was your experience?

I ask because my symptoms just seemed to have come out of nowhere, just WHAM, and I'm sick sick sick SICK! I suppose it is also possible that it developed over time but didn't notice. Married, mom, student, church responsibilities. Pretty busy, but have been generally healthy with a fairly healthy lifestyle and an overall happy kind of person. No smoking, drinking, some junk food maybe once or twice a week - not really in the mood for that kind of stuff.

My symproms seem to be evolving and it's kind of weirding me out a lot. It started just a couple days after Thanksgiving. The feeling of uncomfortably warm marbles slowly moving through my circulatory system starting in my lower thigh. Two days later started having bad chest pain radiating into my arm, could breath but felt like my 20lb baby was sitting on my chest - laborious to breath. Dizzy and fainting. Super fatigue and weakness, headache too. This lasted a couple days. Went to the Doc and she sent me home saying, "Come back in a week for a pregnancy test if you're not feeling better." Yah, sure. That's impossible in my circumstances. :-) The Doc refused to run even a simple blood test. Anyway, the chest pain mellowed, still get a little jab here and there. Started coughing the last couple days. Body aches SOOOO bad like someone just beat me half to death - from neck to mid thighs. Not interested in eating or drinking much unless I'm super thirsty. Force myself to eat anyway because I have hypoglycemia - however it's spelled. :-) Still exhausted, weak, headache like someone is blowing a balloon up in my head - a kind of headache I have never had before. Been pretty irritable the entire time. Occasional and very random chills especially when I'm actually comfortabley warm. Achey lymphnodes but not swollen, super difficult to wake up. Went to a different Doc yesterday and he ran an EKG - totally normal. Oxygen levels fine. Blood pressure fine. No fever. Heart rate fine. Running blood tests and waiting for results. Woke up this morning and all of a sudden the sore muscles were gone even though they were screaming last night. Normally, if I pull a muscle or overwork it, it takes a few days of gently stretching before the pain GRADUALLY fades. But these muscle pains just disappeared this morning like nothing ever happened! Super weird. Struggling to get through finals week - and only taking one class!!! Getting a bit nervous about being able to recover before next semester. :-\

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