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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after getting Epstein Barr or some call MONO on a three day cruise ...a month later came down with the flu but was actually mono ..started 4-11-2010..

Had testing done to cancel out certain things..
I have been ill now for roughly 3 years, I was on a mission around various Drís to the point were I thought I was possibly insane and its all in my head. I have been told its possibly anxiety, depression and been given antidepressants and anxiety meds. They made me feel sicker.. I have had some say it sounds like CFS only cause I asked them..

I have been to a neurologist (MRI Normal), ENT (had a surgery for polyps wasn't the problem tho..had hope tho ), had endoscopy done and colonoscopy and a handful of visits to my family Dr (No help)

someone has told me that it sounds very like Chronic fatigue, I almost dismissed it but I'm sure it is...

Here are my symptoms, what do you think?

Feeling terrible ill everyday (Quite hard to explain)
Fatigue (Obvious)
Headache & Head pressure ( sensitive scalp )
Foggy or fuzzy dreamy headed (Daily and all the time)
Neck pressure and pain
Back pain
Nausea sometimes
Lack of appetite- get hungry more at night
Terrible Acid re flux (comes and go's )
Various stomach pain and toilet trouble
Heavy & Forceful Heartbeat (BP Normal though)
Mild Tinnitus - wrist and ankle pains
Sinus Problems
Allergy symptoms -like short of breath
Sneezing, Cough, I had Asthma as child and it feels like its coming back
Anxiety (On and off) but becomes overwhelming with certain things
Chest & Muscle pain
Depression Every once and a while
Sensitivity to medication
Alcohol intolerance (Cant enjoy a few beers anymore, kills me the next day)
Sleep feels un refreshing, I can sleep for 8 hours and still feel like carp)
Have to Force my own motivation
Short Term memory problems sometimes (Long term is excellent though)
Jaw pain and stiffness
mood swings even though I am a very chilled out and nice person

Please help me someone...
Tell me what you've done..

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