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I have CFS and severe medication intolerance. I can tolerate almost no medication. I can only tolerate ceftriaxone-rocephin as antibiotic though.

My CFS started about 15 years ago after I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. I developed extreme reaction to the medication (I used to take 4 different drugs). My tuberculosis healed but I never recovered afterwards. FYI I was very strong before that happened, never had a medical issue.

In the following years my condition got worse and my neurological symptoms became more severe and permanent. I tried to take different drugs over time but with medication the symptoms get worse and unbearable. I can't even leave the house and have to spend most of my time in the bed.

Most irritating, unbearable symptoms are extreme agitation, restlessness and fatigue. I also have headaches, muscle twitching and gut symptoms which also get worse by medication.

I have been searching the web for people who experienced similar symptoms like CFS and severe med intolerance. I am interested in getting med suggestions that worked/not worked.


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