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If you have previously been told by your physician that you may have ME/CFS then these symptoms suggest MCS which is a sub symptom set of ME/CFS. We have many in our clinic with MCS and these symptoms suggest that. However if you do not have ME/CFS then there are many possibilities.

Please note these symptoms you mention are NOT definitive for ME/CFS:

" flu-like symptoms, pain in the lymph nodes, sore throat, etc that I do
not have"

Some people in the early stages of ME/CFS can get these symtptoms but not all by any means.

The most definitve symptoms are:
PEM Post exertional malaise, memory loss, thinking problems, generalized aches/pains

There are many other symptoms but these are most definitive.

No one can diagnose ME/CFS because there is no clinically accepted test. If you were in a research program they could with some surity say you have ME/CFS on the basis of a variety of immune markers.

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