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Hi Guys

Well I started having vertigo attacks around 9 months ago now, and I didnt go to the doctor until late last year (yeah.. not a very wise idea). I was terrified of what it could be, but with a bit of searching online for a few months, it became ever more apparent that I had suffered with labyrinthitis (inner ear infection). I still suffer with vertigo now and imbalance too. Sometimes I may even suffer with low blood pressure when I stand up, although this isnt that often).

I went through a really stressful time and had episodes where I felt like I was having hypoglycemia attacks. I'd check my blood glucose level and it would be completely normal! No high sugar.. no low sugar. So I thought.. well maybe it has something to do with Low blood pressure. So I tested that and that was fine too (120/81).

I started to look at my diet and found I wasnt eating all that great. So I started to eat better, lots of protein.. lots of fruit too and just generally eating a lot better. Still doesnt make a difference!

I wake up and feel like I havent slept properly all the time unless I sleep in really late, and can sleep for hours (upwards of 12 hours in one go at times), although I force myself awake which leaves me feeling very foggy headed all day long.

Everytime I exercise.. and by exercise I mean walk a fair distance (less than 10 minutes of walking), carry groceries a short distance, gardening and my university practical workshops I always feel very weak.. almost so weak I could collapse and just become a pile of mess on the floor. It bothers me because Im only young and its becoming a problem for me.

I decided to take this problem to my doctor who said he needed to do a blood test on me and he also checked my ears and blood pressure and also the pulse. Blood pressure was perfect.. pulse was absolutely fine and the blood test came back normal. The ears he said "nothing is wrong with them". And so.. he doesnt know what is wrong with me. He said he was going to get me to do some exercises, and I told him exercise makes it worse but he didnt listen to me! He said if it makes it worse to go back to him and he will send me to the ENT department and they will run some tests on my ears as I have noticed a hearing loss and intermittant tinnitus.

So since my doctor has been useless with me.. I dont know whats going on with me. He told me "people just sometimes get fatigue" but this is not just a normal level of fatigue I have ever been used to.. this is beyond that and is enough to severely affect my life. I have to leave classes at times at university because I feel so tired and weak after lifting something in class like a concrete slab (Im studying landscape architecture). I dont know what is going on. It can leave me feeling lightheaded at times too, although usually its just feeling like I could collapse. It doesnt go away if I eat something either.. lingers all day and maybe for a few days afterwards if I have an attack of this.

I spoke to my father who told me he was diagnosed with "Nervous Exhaustion" when he was young, which in todays terms is ME (CFS). I also have an autism spectrum disorder - Asperger Syndrome and have heard a LOT of people who have this condition also suffer from this horrible condition. I dont know if do have it.. and how I even go about trying to persuade my doctor to look into it as he just ignores me most of the time. It seems to have kicked off for me since that extreme anxiety and stress period where I contracted a really bad cold and that spread and turned into a sinus infection from hell.. and Ive noticed ever since my immune system tends to be lower too.. I always get coldsores and always feel run down. If there's any colds and flu going around I will tend to get them easily too, which makes it harder again.

Any advice or wisdom someone can impart? Does this sound like anything that could be ME (CFS)?


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