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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond Ladybug. Would you possibly be able to take a look at my results/concerns on the other tests you mentioned?

SEDIMENTATION RATE = 25 (ref 0-32)

THYROID - I don't see anything that says thyroid in the lab results my PCP gave me. Would it be called something else? I do remember though that my GYN said all of my hormone levels were normal. He had ordered his own lab work after my exam. He did mention that 1 of my thyroid tests was "a bit off" but said he was not concerned because all of the other thyroid tests were normal. I wonder how many thyroid tests there are?...

ANA DIRECT - Negative. So this definitively rules out Lupus?

RA LATEX TURBID = 10.4 (ref <13.9). Is this the RA test you referred to and does it rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis?

CRP 2.87 - You mentioned this is borderline high and I didn't notice before that after the "relative risk" noted in the lab result it says "relative risk for future cardiovascular event". This is troubling me immensely. In addition to my hot/sweaty/achy/chills thing I have been getting severe headaches (usually setting in late afternoon after working for a few hours and for a bit after I wake up each morning). Considering the headaches and my elevated heart rate - could all of this be related to my heart? Do you think I might be heading for a heart attack or a stroke???

EBV AND CMV IGG - I wonder why the lab flags elevated IGG as abnormal if most people have this. I have since looked at some other posts on here and do see many people saying high IGG levels are NOT abnormal. It must be some grand conspiracy concocted by LabCorp to get further testing done! (I am completely kidding of course as I try my best to maintain my sense of humor - or lack thereof - during stressful times). So I looked at my IGM levels for both tests:
EBV IGM <0.2 (ref 0-0.8 = AI and 0.9 = negative). Do you know what it means that I am below negative or what AI means?
CMV IGM <0.9 (ref 0-0.8 = index and 0.9 = negative). I don't know what "index" means or how one can be below negative.

In summary, I'm still confused. I had heard of chronic fatigue before but am still left wondering if this is what I have or if I might have heart issues. My doctor does not seem uncomfortable with additional testing, he is just so slow. I went back to see him again this week and he has still not released me to return to work. My heart rate was 120 and I still had a low-grade fever. He said he wants to take the time to do some research and further review my history and will most likely order some other tests and refer me to some specialists. I want so badly to return to work but I still feel sick and get tired so easily. Sometimes I can't even sleep through the night and then sleep 15 hours the next day.

Well, once again, I was not able to make a brief post. My apologies for rambling on so much.


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