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I just joined the board today and would be grateful for any input. Being brief is not my nature but I will give it my best try as I do not know what is or is not relevant. For many years now I have felt off. Regular bouts (lasting a week or two) of extreme fatigue and feeling like I had a fever but temp was low or below normal. Standard blood work tests always came up negative. Most recent bout far worse with additional issues. The fatigue is more severe and I sweat excessively while feeling cold chills (not to the point of shaking). My forehead feels hot inside and I have had a consistent fever (range 99-102) at the doc's office over last 3 visits taken with an old-fashioned thermometer). My digital thermometer at home usually reads 99 or below normal. I can sleep 10-15 hours a day easily and still feel tired.

My PCP referred me to GYN (irregular cycles and I'm 47) but hormonal tests came back normal. My PCP then ran further tests and the lab flagged the below items as:
WBC 12.2 High (ref 4.0-10.5)
CMV AB IGG 9.9 High (ref 0.9-1.0)
EBV AB VCA IGG >8.0 High (ref 0.9-1.0)
C-REACTIVE PROTEIN CARDIAC 2.87 Relative Risk (ref 0-3)
URINALYSIS SPECIFIC GRAVITY >1.03 Abnormal (ref 1.005-1.03)
STAPHYLOCCUS AUREUS, ABNORMAL (MRSA) (my doc had swabbed a pimple on my cheek)

My doctor wrote down the following items on a piece of paper for me to take home: EB Virus, CMV, Mono-like illness and also briefly mentioned MRSA and CFS. He prescribed me an anti-biotic Zithromax for 7 days and prescribed bed rest to return in a week.

I went back after one week, worried about not working but still feeling the same way. He wrote a release for my job but to perform sedentary duties at home (only) for one week. My employer promptly forwarded an FMLA form to me for the doctor to complete but is allowing me to work from home (at my pleading and insistence). I work in an accounting department so there are many things I can do from home on the company laptop.

I went back to the doctor last Tuesday, still feeling the same (my symptoms have never been so severe or lasted so long). The doctor prescribed another week of light duty at home and gave me an anti-inflammatory injection (called Dex...something???) I mentioned the FMLA form earlier only because of what he wrote - simply Chronic Fatigue with intermittent exasperation. Other fields needing clarification were notated either "variable" or "unable to predict at this time". The only thing that changed after I received the injection was that I had trouble sleeping that night.

My employer has been extremely flexible and shown a great amount concern and consideration. If he sees I've been online more than a few hours he tells me to dial it down and get some rest :). I mention this only to stress that he is not adding any stress to my current situation. But realistically how long can this go on? I am getting scared because although the rest has been helpful, I have noticed a distinct pattern in that after being up and working at home for a few hours I can feel the heat in my forehead increasing and my sweat/chills increase and body just gets "heavy".

So much information - yet so little information. The only other things I can think to mention are: asthma and allergies since childhood, lower back surgery 4 years ago, treated for thrush in my upper digestive tract 2 years ago, and water removed from my left knee twice over the past few years.

There is so much conflicting info on the internet and I don't really understand what is going on with me as my doctor is always so rush-rush. Plus I don't even know what to ask him or what to expect at this point.

Can anyone offer words of wisdom, a similar experience, or suggested actions to take next?

(so much for being brief - sorry!)

one more thing I forgot to add - my heart rate has been elevated between 100 to 120 on last 3 doc visits. after fixing soup and green beans for dinner tonight (simple enough) I could feel my heart beating extremely fast.

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