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had stressful childhood and teenage years.yawned all through my 2 years of high school and couldnt focus so i quit.i dont know if all my symptoms are depression and anxiety related or not.doctors tend to think im crazy.ive seen several pcps and a few specialists.

lets see ive had bmp,cmp,s galore,lipid panels,testosterone,adrenals,fsh,lh,celiac,lymes,prolactin,hepatitis,hiv,u name it.
ekgs and a ct scan.

only things never tested are :
ferritin type stuff and virus's

the only thing that ever comes up is vitamin d,and tsh.freet3 and free t4 are always good.went on 75 mcg and labwork went hyper and stayed that way for weeks after discontinuing treatment.few doctors didnt want me on any thyroid doctor put me on 12.5-half of a 25 for a few months and wouldnt increase it.another doctor put me on 50 for awhile.then current doctor had me on 25 then up to 37.5-from specialist and it went to under 3-tsh and she said leave it alone at that-now if i felt horrid on 50 imagine on 25 and 37.5.i think i may need the 75 i dont know.

ive been on wellbutrin and buspar.still had trouble.

maybe i need a sleep study or have a prostate infection or test for lupus something i dunno maybe seizures maybe gluten intolerance.

i began to feel awful around january of 2000-was sick much of the year with colds and feeling awfully tired.and have never felt right since then.when first felt sick i was 19 and had my dad take me to doctors-sister said i was looking orangeish once then greyish stomach was hurting bad and dizzy etc.and the tiredness.several months later went to er and had protein and blood trace in urine and high bilirubin and some kidney and liver functions off-dunno why they were off.

late 2000 i went vegetarian and didnt eat much-have remained vegetarian-b12 is fine etc. maybe my zincs low.i noticed when i sent an alarm for one time and another to wake up and got up twice i was okay.but i have these times when its not too bad and times its awful.generally when my vitamin d is low i feel terrible.when the weather changes i feel terrible.

heres my symptoms-cold hands,cold feet
sleep sometimes for 8 hrs sometimes 10,12,14,16.
headaches-migraines maybe(neuro once said atypical migraines)
light sensitive
electric shock sensations in arms
arms asleep when waking
legs fall asleep
trouble reading sometimes eyes jumpy feel heavy etc
feel dizzy
nauseasous at times
constipation at times-synthroid tends to make it worse
sometimes feel dead on the inside.
when heat goes on in winter i feel awful and it brings on headaches.
after riding places get tired and headache later in evening still out or back home at night.

will you say a prayer for me and my health and a prayer for my salvation.thanks.joseph.

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