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Ok so.. I've had some symptoms over the past few years and whenever I go to the doctor there never seems to be an explanation for much, so I appreciate any input because I am at a loss.

Lets start with the basics. I am a 26 year old non-smoking female. I do not drink alcohol, wine, or caffeine, with the exception of an alcoholic drink on my birthday.

From 12-15 I had anxiety-induced IBS symptoms. Had an upper GI exam done and they found nothing abnormal. These days I'm nausea frequently and can't eat a lot in one sitting or I will barf.

I developed moderate psoriasis at 15. Since 19 it has been very mild and does not interfere with my everyday life.

From 12-23 I had painful TMJ in my jaw - I finally had corrective jaw surgery at 23 and have had no jaw issues since.

At 23 I had mononucleosis (verified positive by blood test) and had it for about 2 months before I felt bad to normal.

But since age 19 I've have been EXTREMELY fatigued, always tired, joint and muscle pain, frequent anxiety, feel physically weak a lot of the time, nauseous, brain fog, poor concentration (I'm going on my 7th year of being in college, the past 5 years I've been a part time student and part time employee because I cannot mentally or physically keep up).

I need to sleep at least 8-9 hours a night and most days I end up taking a 3-4 hour nap. If I don't allow myself to nap I will get a headache. I've tried multiple anti-depressants, probably 10 by now and they did not help. I'm a healthy eater, have variety in my diet, drink sufficient water, and I'll treat myself once in a while. I'm physically fit compared to most and have only about 20% body fat. I do some weight training at home when I feel up for it but aerobic activity causes me stress that I give up after usually 5-10 minutes. From time to time my words are slurred, charley horse cramps in my calfs at night, and am VERY sensitive to cold, especially my legs, although we live in Florida. I had an ultrasound on my legs, no clots.

I have also been very susceptible to UTI's. In 2012 I had 6 UTI's averaging one every two months but in 2013 I had only one. My husband and I pee before and after sex and are always fresh and *clean* so hygiene is not an issue. Saw a urologist who did an ultrasound of my bladder: normal. And when it comes to alcohol or even wine, I feel toxic after just two drinks. Toxic, not even tipsy. I do not feel better after drinking water or eating.

The last time I had blood work one of the abnormal things found was my CRP level. My CRP levels came in at 10x the max risk at 32.9 mg/L indicating "obvious source of infection or inflammation". A few other things were borderline but the doc said everything is "normal". This blood test had been one year since I recovered from mono.

Another doctor noticed that I had deficient testosterone levels (for a female!), and said it could contribute to the fatigue but not necessarily. I used a LOW DOSE testosterone rx cream daily for 5 months which boosted my testosterone level to a normal female level (and I did NOT grow a mustache! lol). But I did not feel better. This doctor also checked my thyroid and said levels came back normal. He said I may have adrenal fatigue (saliva kit was slightly off) but did not order any other tests or treatment.

My life has gotten to a point where it's difficult to enjoy things because I do not have the energy to get much done. Yes my house is clean, and my homework gets done eventually, but I had to quit working just to focus on finishing school and because I can hardly get through a day without napping. It's gotten that ridiculous. My husband doesn't understand and my friends say that I'm just lazy... that really hurts me.

It's getting back to that time of the year when I go for a routine physical and blood work, and I don't know what to tell my doctor other than I still feel the same as I did 5 years ago. Exhausted. Tired. I'm over feeling awful all the time. I would like to ask for maybe some specific tests but I don't know where to start anymore.

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