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Hi runneruk, Im a chronic back pain patient with severe back problems & never exercise except stretching but was pretty active considering & started having pounding heartbeat & slight bp elevation sometimes & fast pulse over a year ago, saw cardio that did ekg, echo, bloodwork & told me it was a autonomic nervous system response, like fight or flight & he rx'd a tiny dose of beta blocker. Fast forward to this past March i fell out of a chair i was standing in & fractured vertebrae & was put in brace & had to stay home & rest for 4-6 weeks. I started having severe fatigue day after day regardless of sleep or eating right, weird feeling in chest, faster heartrate, faster breathing, cant breathe through my nose, bp/hr chart similar to yours & top of both upper arms ache off & i thought it was from being deconditioned from laying around with fracture but it is continuing & have episodes of feeling like i ran a race but havent & my heartrate doesnt recover at rest, feel so tired, weak, faint, fatigued, like i over exerted but have just walked across the room! Pain was bad enough but feeling sick is worse! Its infuriating! Im so sorry that you are feeling so bad & for so long! I "get it" & its a terrible feeling! Has the dr checked the lymph node, & checked chest xray & for infection? With fever i would want that if i were you & a cardio to do echo, ekg, maybe halter monitor to see if anything heart related. Ive had no energy to get to the dr but Im probably going to have to next week & will let you know what he says or does & adding you to my prayers & would you update also? I hope so much that this will just go away for both of us!

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