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I've had chronic fatigue every day of my life. Every day, every minute, I'm exhausted. I've fallen asleep in movies, at football games, at concerts, while driving, etc.--there is nothing I can do to stay awake.

In addition, I was diagnosed with Blepharitis in 2009, with Angular Cheilitis in 2012 and Seborrheic dermatitis Summer 2013. I currently take Doryx for my sub derm and apply Rosadan to my face, don't eat gluten, and use locoid cream for the Blepharitis, Oxistat cream for the Angular Cheilitis. I'm also extremely prone to yeast infections (I get one once a month) -- I realize this is likely due to the antibiotics I'm on, but I can't go a day without taking Doryx without huge, red, painful blotches appearing on my face. I've read several things on preventing yeast infections and practice all of them to no avail.

I took Accutane in 2009, and still have pretty bad acne.

So, basically, my skin looks horrible and feels awful, and I'm always tired.

Any idea what's wrong with me? Please help -- I'm miserable.

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