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Hello! I'm new to this board, so hello everyone.

I'm writing because I am out of ideas and looking for advice. For the past few years now I have been constantly dealing with fatigue, weakness, nausea, dizziness and a general sense of feeling unwell. More recently (past year or so) this has developed into constantly being thirsty, having shortness of breath and general aches.

I've been to the doctors so many times and I have yet to find out the problem. I've been told I'm stressed, depressed, accused of being anorexic, even pregnant. I am non of these things. Generally doctors have brushed me off as being underweight, tired and weak and just told me to get on with it. Today I was prescribed light recreation.

I'm so angry and tired of being tired and feeling this way. Some days I can't even think straight, my eyes are blurry and I feel so dizzy and confused. I feel nauseas after almost every meal. I've tried cutting out gluten and dairy and other foods thinking its allergies. I've tried running. I eat healthy but nothing works, vitamins don't help either.

Has anyone else suffered like this and been treated the same by doctors? Today I spent about 30 seconds in the doctors office, he was so indifferent to my symptoms after a blood test came back clear. He never told me what or why he tested me. I even had to push to be tested in the first place. After the blood test I fainted and had extremely low blood pressure, but still no solution.

I just want to have energy and get on with my life! Thanks so much for reading, please share your similar symptoms and experience! Hope to hear from you xx
Hi KAL934. So sorry to hear you're not well and can certainly relate to your anger at not getting answers to your health concerns. I was told I had "conversion disorder." Apparently, that diagnosis means your internal problems or stresses are showing up physically. Well even my conventional doctor at the time disagreed with that diagnosis from the referred neurologist. That's the label you get when there is something clearly wrong but they don't know what it is as my current holistic doctor put it. I also have a naturopath and we are working together to get to the bottom of my physical problems. (I have ME/CFS.) You may want to try an alternative health physician and even a naturopath. I have had to change my diet by cutting out gluten, soy, msg and more recently dairy. I had a heavy metals test done and found to have elevated levels of mercury, lead and gadolinium. I'm currently working on replacing my silver fillings with porcelain. (My dentist is a mercury free holistic dentist.) I had twelve altogether and all but one had cracks in the teeth. So far I've removed four. Still a long ways to go but removing the worst ones have greatly improved my vision. I don't know if this is the cure for me but at least I'm finding some relief. I also have hypothyroidism and recently read on the links between fluoride and low thyroid function. Now we have a water filtration system to remove the fluoride. Bathing with clean water has improved my symptoms of racing heart and tremors. At my next appointment, I will be asking to check my iodine levels which a holistic doctor is more likely to do given my history. It really does help to have a supportive medical team. I hope you can find a compassionate doctor who is willing to help you get to the bottom of your problems. You might have to visit many, many doctors. Keep trying, you'll find one who thinks out of the box. I finally did.
I think Drs. don't want to be bothered with something they don't understand. I have the same symptoms, headaches, extreme fatigue, nausea and dizziness, and confusion. I do get some breaks from the the symptoms. I get herpes also, but I'm not sure if the chronic fatigue causes the herpes or the herpes causes the fatigue. I just wish there was some sort of treatment. I'm tired of laying on the couch.

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