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I just turned 26.

Medical history:
Gastric Bypass March 2012
ADHD diagnosis with stimulant medications September 2012
Anaphylactic reaction in May 2013, epinephrine used and Prednisone taken for ~12 weeks.

My symptoms started around September 2013.
- Poor short-term memory and recall
- Hypotension (normal for me has been consistently 100/60)
- Hypoglycemia (has gone done to the 50's)
- Worsened vision (had glasses before, but RX has gotten stronger in two years)
- Extreme fatigue, to the point that I cannot get out of bed and get moving in the morning
- Lethargy at rest and with activity
- Consistently swollen lymph nodes for at least 6 months
- Frequent scratchy/sore throat
- Increased perspiration
- Freezing cold hands and feet
- Weight loss (I had stabilized after bypass, but I have lost about 8-10lbs in the last 6 months without trying)
- I sleep 7-12 hours a night, but wake up exhausted
- Usually more awake at night if I was active during the day
- Increased emotionality and irritability (usually only at work)
- Inability to focus on anything, even with ADHD medications
- Frequent urination
- Occasional rapid heartbeat while at rest at night
- Decreased appetite
- ZERO libido, which was not always the case

My ferritin was low, so I got iron infusions, and my levels are normal.
Protein levels are normal.
Thyroid levels are normal
I have a Mirena IUD (only for 5 months), but previously used Nuvaring and the pill (for 6 years)
Cortisol AM/PM test was normal
B1, B6, B12 all normal (vitamins and injection of B12 monthly)
Only caffeine I drink is tea, but it doesn't help at all
Doctors have screened for depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc. - only found ADHD

My primary says all of my symptoms are in my head, and my psychiatrist won't prescribe Nuvigil or Provigil. I have been to a hematologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, and psychiatrist.

Nothing has come back abnormal in testing.

I'm a grad student, but I had to quit my job because I was constantly tired and couldn't handle the stress of both at the same time.

I feel so defeated all the time. My boyfriend seems unhappy because we are never intimate, and I never have energy to do anything fun. I get home from school and sleep.

Does anyone have any ideas about if CFS sounds possible, and if there is a different specialist I could benefit from seeing?

Thank you so much!

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