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For around 6 months now I have had some odd symptoms that are unaccounted for. It started with extreme fatigue in my legs when doing simple activities like climbing stairs, this is unusual for me because I am an athlete and I try to stay in good shape all the time. Not long after that the fatigue spread everywhere and started effecting all of my muscles. This has also been accompanied by headaches and soar throat. In the past few weeks I have started feeling extremely tired even after sleeping 9 hours a night on average. The doctors have tested me for everything from viruses to ms to sleeping disorders and all tests were negative, I have had my blood tested Atleast 10 times in the past few months. Does this sound like chronic fatigue syndrome? And if so what are some ways to manage my symptoms? They are worsening and it is very frustrating to me because I am trying to play college football and I am worried that I physically won't be able to with this going on.

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