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... Hi. I have alot of the same symptoms you do. I am male and have been going through Chronic fatigue since February of 2004. ... (18 replies)
... HI- not a male but yes I have CFS and FM. It is not uncommon according to the specialist at the CFS clinic I go to for people to develop both. Just curious did the area that burned feel cold to the touch? Also I had a bout of high-blood pressure for a little while and it did not change my CFS diagnosis (someone mentioned that would rule out CFS) but I do regularly have a... (18 replies)
... Sorry to hear of your troubles, and glad to hear you've found a good doc. It's interesting that you've developed high blood pressure. Paul Cheney, MD, says that high bp essentially rules out a diagnosis of CFS--people with CFS have low bp. (18 replies)

... addrenal fatigue and has put me on weekly injections to raise my testosterone. ... (18 replies)
... My doctor told me 2 weeks ago I have chronic fatigue syndrome in addition to addrenal fatigue. Has anyone been diagnosed with both of these? ... (18 replies)
... Alot of people will develop thyroid problems after being in car crashes, I think the jerking of the neck area. Left untreated you will develop adrenal fatigue as well. ... (18 replies)
... Hi Lightner! Thanks for your reply. :) I'm working on getting my thyroid problem hashed out. Was on 3/4 grain of Armour to try to shrink the nodule, but even that small amount made me have hyper symptoms. My dr and I both suspect adrenal fatigue. Just did the saliva test this weekend and will be sending it in today. The dr I'm currently seeing (and who dx'd the CFS)... (18 replies)
... I finally found that I had Mono. Mono was the reason for the start of my fatigue and the stress of it all is what continued it. ... (18 replies)
... So sorry for your diagnosis. It is nice to finally have one, though, isn't it? Yes more women are affected by ME/CFS than men. I read something about the amount of blood women have in their body compared to men. I'll try to fingd what I read and share it. As for adrenal fatigue, I don't know. How were you diagnosed with adrenal fatigue? Blood or saliva tests? (18 replies)
... I have been recently diagnosed with CFS. I found a wonderful doctor (after wasting years). She called today and said I have Epstein Bar. She also suspects adreanal fatigue - which we did a salava test for - waiting for results. Also is testing for iodine deficiency (urine test...waiting for results). She is starting me two supplements - Transfer Factor, and Beta 1-3... (18 replies)
... It could be because your body didn't need more Test at this time. Increasing Test will give you a boost, but if it's not needed, it will shut down production at the testes. Be very sure you're going through testosterone deficiency or any type of hormone imbalance before playing with HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Did your blood work show low Test? Are you having the... (18 replies)
... What type of doctor are you seeing? A specialist? An endocrinologist??? Make sure you are seeing someone real knowledgable and that you feel really understands and listens to you. I found getting my thyroid in order first really helped me figure out which were overlapping symptoms and what was the CFS/ME or FM. FYI, with treatment of my hypothyroidism with levoxyl (I stay... (18 replies)
... Tawnyjade- I think your right, it seems like I am always hearing someone with minor aches and pains or fatigue saying they have ME or FM and I wish the doctors would further classify it, since there are people like me out there that can't work anymore or keep up the house and I'm only 34. It just seems like when I tell people that is the reason for sleeping so much, pacing,... (18 replies)
... Was just dx'd with CFS today and the dr suspects adrenal fatigue as well as heavy metal toxicity. All this on top of a thyroid nodule the size of a lemon. Fun, huh? ... (18 replies)
... Yes I Have Started The Weekly Testosterone Injections. Been About 4 Weeks Now On It. Initially I Was Feeling Alot Better, But Over The Last Week, The Fatigue And Foggy Head Has Come Back. I Absolutely Have Had No Energy The Last Week And Feel Terrible. I Have A Followup Appt. ... (18 replies)
... I think that most people who have CFS and related problems also have adrenal fatigue. The only real measure though of the adrenals is through a saliva test, which most docs won't prescribe. (18 replies)
... I was told the same thing, and it affects women more because of all of our hormones, I am waiting to go on the bioidentical hormones to see if they help. What do you do about yours? (18 replies)
... I have both ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. It seems like Fibromyalgia is very common now. A lot of people I know say they have it. I guess I am guilty of the same thing that frustrates me about these "invisible" diseases. Most of these people sure don't seem to be affected. A couple of them, I know really are in pain, though. I've been wondering if the doctors over here have... (18 replies)
... Can someone describe how the saliva test is done? I am going to a new doc next week and want to ask about this, but I've heard they have to take samples throughout the day, and that's why most doctors don't like to even bother. Is this true? (18 replies)

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