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... Most irritating, unbearable symptoms are extreme agitation, restlessness and fatigue. I also have headaches, muscle twitching and gut symptoms which also get worse by medication. ... (0 replies)
... nate things properly. I also yearn for my 'normal life' back again. Like yourself I used to be very into sport, but can't even walk down the road now without extreme physical exhaustion. Are you able to socialise with other people around you? ... (10 replies)
... Thank you so much for taking the time to respond Ladybug. Would you possibly be able to take a look at my results/concerns on the other tests you mentioned? SEDIMENTATION RATE = 25 (ref 0-32) THYROID - I don't see anything that says thyroid in the lab results my PCP gave me. Would it be called something else? I do remember though that my GYN said all of my hormone levels... (4 replies)

... I'm not really sure. I think I may have had it... As a baby I broke out in rashes from baby food, wheat in it. As I got older I didn't have the same reaction so my mom forgot about it. When I was a teen I started getting the rash again. Went off wheat & it disapeared. One day I eat Pringles, 5 of them... Got the worst stomach ache. So much pain. I avoided Wheat Starch &... (7 replies)
Could this be CFS?
Nov 26, 2005
... Insomnia, headaches, short term memory loss, extreme anxiety, depression, muscle aches, daily headaches, neck ache, IBS type symptoms, VERY vivid dreams every night. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, My Daughter at the age of 22 was eventually diagnosed with ME 7 years ago, and like you she had to give up her job as she felt too tired and had no energy, she put on weight and stayed in bed most of the time, had constant headaches , foggy head, achy body/legs, extreme temperatures from hot - cold, cold icy feet and tired eyes just like symptoms of migraines, achy... (3 replies)
... For several weeks after this i continued to feel very unwell with muscle aches, continuing headaches and the gland remained swollen although went down significantly to what it was. ... (3 replies)
Just Diagnosed
Nov 19, 2007
... Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I had all the same symptoms you had and got the CFS stamped on my forehead and more or less told to live with it. After much research and many doctors finally found out I was hypothyroid that had been left untreated for three years by ignorant docs because they went strictly by labs instead of listening to my symptoms. I ended up with... (13 replies)
Just Diagnosed
Nov 10, 2007
... Hi Janart, I saw a rheumatologist who specializes in autoimmune diseases because I had a postive ANA test. He looked at my symptoms, medical history and said I have CFS. The symptoms I've been experiencing are extreme fatigue that is different from regular fatigue (hard to describe), joint pain, brain fog (short term memory problems, word finding problems, repeating... (13 replies)
Lupus or CFS
Jun 26, 2009
... (4 replies)
Lupus or CFS
Jun 20, 2009
... Hi everyone, Im trying to figure out if I CFS or Lupus. when i was 12 (im 21 now) is when i first got sick. I had extreme fatigue (sleeping 18-20 hrs a day), brain fog, headache, muscle weekness, joint pain and random headaches. I felt like i had the flu but not exactly. anyways the doctors came up with i was positive for EBV and my ana was positive so they suspected lupus.... (4 replies)
... The past 3 years of my life have been a nightmare. I'm a 29 year old University Graduate with a commercial pilot license (multi-engine, IFR rated) and job experience as a teacher overseas. I started getting symptoms three years ago consistent with all the criteria for Lyme (although at the time I knew nothing about the disease and was unaware of any connection). They effected... (4 replies)
... New here, and like many of you, tired/exhausted/fatigued (take your pick.) For the past year and a half (at least) I've been fatigued beyond what I know is normal for a 26-year-old. I have to really pace myself with everything from social activities to housework. I had mono for a second time in my life two years ago in the fall; I'm not sure if I just never bounced back after... (7 replies)
... So a little back story: My girlfriend (of nearly a year), has been experiencing serious symptoms of CFS for many years. They seem to have started after she suffered a serious case of mono. Over the past year of being together there have been lots of stressful life changes that may have intensified the symptoms and caused flare ups more frequently. Her symptoms include: extreme... (2 replies)
... I have been searching for an answer to my health problems that continue to get worse with each "relapse". I am hoping someone else has experienced something similar and can point me in the right direction of a diagnosis or a lifestyle plan of healing. or, perhaps a Dr or med student can offer advice. I appreciate your input and consideration. ____________________ recent... (6 replies)
... off effect, but rather more like a withdrawal takes time for your body and mind to readjust to the change in will experience extreme cravings and feel really run down and irritable. This is completely normal and even healthly individuals will go through this. ... (20 replies)
... Hmm... To start with, I'm sure if you have CFS you will have noticed that the word "tired" doesn't even come close to the extreme exhaustion you feel on a daily basis and after doing the smallest of physical tasks. ... (9 replies)
... About a year ago, I came down with extreme flu like symptoms that never seemed completely clear up. ... (7 replies)
... and the very next day such extreme exhaustion like you have never felt before. ... (6 replies)
Do I have CFS?
Dec 4, 2000
... I wonder if anyone could help me. I suffer from the following symptoms and was wondering if it was to do with chronic fatigue syndrome: - Extreme tiredness and weakness all the time - Frequent headaches (not serious, just frequent) - Never feel refreshed after a night's sleep - Some days I am fine, other days I'm so exhausted I can't leave the house - Depression -... (9 replies)

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