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... have tingling that hits me anywhere. Even my head gets tight. I have this never ending tooth pain, today I found out it's bruxism. It causes upper neck pain and headaches you can't stand. So I have my share of pain. But it's not causing the fatigue. On days I don't hurt that bad, I'm still extremely exhausted. ... (4 replies)
... existing anxiety, everything seems to be blamed on it. I just can't get through to anyone that an antidepressant is not going to solve my extreme fatigue, dizziness, headaches, swollen throat, allergies, muscle weakness, heat and light sensitivity, irritable bowel.......the list goes on. ... (6 replies)
... zakk80, do you know what you have? Have any docs figured it out. Are you better now? If so, how? thanks. mc (10 replies)

... Danners, I had the same illness in June and it went on for 8 weeks exact - I could have lost everything as well... If you are losing so much muscle mass, it could be Addison's Disease... You can only check this by having a test called a ACTH Stimulation Test... I thought I had Addison's as well with the same symptoms as you yet my Addison's specialist Doctor said... (10 replies)
... For Danners and everyone else here that is feeling a lot of dizzyness. I would VERY STRONGLY suggest getting checked for orthostatic intolerance. Basically, what this involves is doing what's known as a tilt table test and the point of the test is to measure your heartrate and blood pressure in a standing position. It's been pretty well documented that many CFS patients... (10 replies)
... Hi Danners, Know how you feel, I've been through a similar thing. Did a virus/flu infection preceed your dizziness and did the dizziness preceed your fatigue? Secondly, is the dizziness only present when you walk around or move a lot? Thirdly, try walking heal toe with your eyes closed (might be very difficult), do you feel your eyes flickering all over the place. (10 replies)
... Thank you for your support and I'm SO HAPPY that you found something to help you. I am trying to see a Nutritionist currently, but it's proved to be very difficult with my insurance. I am quite convinced that this may be SEVERE food/natural chemical intolerances . . . I will keep everyone as updated as possible. Hoping and praying and begging . . . (10 replies)
... Oh, you guys!!!! This is so my story. I have had it for 2 yrs now. I was doing advanced Tae Bo 5 days a week right before I got sick. I know exactly. I use a cane on my dizzy days. I went to an infectious disease doctor who specializes in CFIDS. He put me on cq10 and NADH. As well as an anitibiotic I take every 6 hours and Valtrex. I am not sure what part of this "cocktail"... (10 replies)
... Danners: I am so, so sorry that you are going through this. It makes me want to cry. I am going through the exact same thing. Except I've found, thourgh trial and error, that mine gets worse when I eat solid food. I frequently am forced to go on liquid diets just to get enough energy and less dizzy enough to walk across my own house. I have also lost my job (which was a... (10 replies)
... Hi Danners - I'm sorry you are feeling so wretched. I too, suffer with similar symptoms, dizziness, weakness, fatigue. Even after an 8 hour sleep I still feel tired. It comes and goes and at the moment I'm feeling a bit yuk, however, I think it is to do with my iron / B12 levels, although i can't be 100% sure - have you had you're vits/mineral levels checked out? What... (10 replies)
... Sorry you feel that way. I have been battling this for years. Some people no matter how bad they feel when they force themselves to excercise they get better. Thats not the case with me, but after alot of research it seems that gradual exercise is the best bet. Other things you want to check is blood pressure standing and see if it drops thats a sign of a new age syndrome... (10 replies)
... Hi, I'm posting on these forums because I am in urgent need of help and no amount of tests and doctors are giving me any results. Please excuse me if my writing is poor or I don't make sense - sitting up, typing, and making sense of words is nearly impossible for me, my fatigue and dizziness is so bad. First off, I'll tell you a little bit about me before this started... (10 replies)
... Hi. I have alot of the same symptoms you do. I am male and have been going through Chronic fatigue since February of 2004. It started with a car crash where a volunteer fireman speeding to a call with a blue light on hit a patch of ice and slide into us at about 70 miles per hour. Thank god the car we were in was an old heavy car. Right after that a flu type virus popped up... (18 replies)
... minutes on the eliptical machine. The next way I felt so bad I could not move and then the symptoms got even worse. I have horrible headaches that come and go, just recently my pulse rate and blood pressrue have increased and my dr. put me on BP's meds. They are not working. ... (3 replies)
... Diagnostic Criteria Your clinician should consider a diagnosis of CFS if these two criteria are met: Unexplained, persistent fatigue that's not due to ongoing exertion, isn't substantially relieved by rest, is of new onset (not lifelong) and results in a significant reducation in previous levels of activity. Four or more of the following symptoms are present for six... (7 replies)
... No doctor has diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, I reached that conclusion on my own. My symptoms are extreme exhaustion, muscle pain and muscle weakness, joint pain, headaches, etc. ... (16 replies)
Breaking Point
Aug 3, 2006
... am suffering from. You say you suffer from extreme chronic fatigue. ... (16 replies)
... Hi everyone, I'm a 20 year old female (turning 21 in a little over a month!) that has now been sick for over two years. It all started when one day, I woke up feeling nauseous. The nausea progressed, along with a lightheaded type of feeling, and I suddenly developed severe vertigo. The vertigo was uncontrollable even with anti-vertigo meds. I responded slightly to Valium.... (7 replies)
... Exercize became so hard, felt as if I was paddling backwards, within an hour I'd be completely fatigued and in extreme pain. ... (6 replies)
Provigil? for CFS?
Oct 18, 2005
... I took Provigil for extreme fatigue and it worked great! The only problem was it conflicted with the Wellbutrin I was on and caused be to get headaches behind my eyes. ... (8 replies)

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