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... my legs. I don't particularly feel like I need to sleep more, although due to the profound physical fatigue I spend a lot more time lying down which inevitably leads to increased sleeping. ... (21 replies)
... I started to look at my diet and found I wasnt eating all that great. So I started to eat better, lots of protein.. lots of fruit too and just generally eating a lot better. Still doesnt make a difference! ... (2 replies)
... normal. And when it comes to alcohol or even wine, I feel toxic after just two drinks. Toxic, not even tipsy. I do not feel better after drinking water or eating. ... (2 replies)

... I was suffering from bad chronic fatigue for months. I am almost cured. ... (8 replies)
... hi, I have ME i believe this is what you have to , i think you should ask your doctor about it as it is not goin to go away on its own, there is nothin to be afraid of lots of people like to tell horror stories sayin you will never get better and they are right that your life will change and times will be difficult you may have to give up activities for a while but so long... (24 replies)
... once a day, and they retested me after being on the iron a month and I was no longer anemic. I was only very slightly anemic to begin with. I was having intense fatigue and it was 2 months after I was diagnosed as being anemic that I was diagnosed as haing mono. ... (8 replies)
... t is still there, just as strong as before, and has never gone away. Once, when I went on a juice fast, for 3 weeks, it "went away", but came back again, 3 weeks after I started eating again. Juice fasts don't work anymore now, though. I've tried. ... (5 replies)
... s impeding my stomach from absorbing the nutrients in the food and basically eating air. ... (0 replies)
... For a while I would wake up every morning with terrible nausea until I'd vomit and feel better. I stayed dizzy and lightheaded and would get dizzy after eating, but also if I hadn't eaten for a while. ... (4 replies)
... r combination can tell me how they time their meds in relation to meals, each other, etc. The general consensus seems to be that adderall should be taken an hour after or two hours before food in order to feel the strongest possible effects. ... (0 replies)
... Don't think I've had cortisol tested, not sure if its something that can be tested. Also, not sure whether adrenal fatigue is legit or not, seems to be somewhat disputed. ... (0 replies)
... We avoid eating eat junk food. ... (2 replies)
Strange fatigue
Feb 6, 2012
... So I'm now dealing with this fatigue for 8 months now. I got referred to the cardiologist in september, so that's after the 4th month. Then I had to wait one month until I finally got my tests, and another month to get the results. ... (9 replies)
... It all started four years ago after a bout with a virus. I never recovered. I could barely get out of bed and when i did i felt extremely week and tired. My whole body hurt as if I had a flu. ... (24 replies)
... I know eh, me too! Like I always feel the need to tell people I'm so tired because I don't want them to think it's because I'm in a bad mood or just not fun, etc etc, so I too try to avoid people when I'm extra tired (if it were just whenever I was tired I'd never talk to anyone period lol) or make sure to tell them I'm feelin exhausted etc. And the gym thing I know, it's... (8 replies)
... feeling better after eating is common with CFIDS because the extra '"fuel' tends to supply more energy to the depleted immune system. But I hope you don't have this as well! ... (9 replies)
... d of those probiotics, they look good though. I just use ones from a health store. I've pretty much got my IBS under control now though so I'm looking into the fatigue and other symptoms now. Are you planning on trying the candida diet? ... (61 replies)
Chronic Fatigue
Feb 20, 2010
... is a high quality CoQ10 supplement...maybe start with 50mg per day with a meal, and then see how you do...then up to 100mg per day after you finish the 50mg round...some take as much as 600mg per day for fatigue, but I was on as much as 400mg, and I found 50mg to be my preferred dose... ... (1 replies)
... I knew that you would jump on me for my comments. I was talking about STRICT LOW CARB. That is why I used the word STRICT. Meat, cheese, eggs, fats. That is strick low carb. I don't need to do any research, I am fully informed of the dangers of STRICT low carb, for healthy and unhealthy (CFS) individuals. Perhaps you and other low carb people should not be so quick to... (16 replies)
... Natalie, Low carb does not mean that you don't eat veggies or fruit, you just try to avoid those that have a high carb content. You might want to do some research on the concept. Just a suggestion. Concerned Male, Going low carb was one of the best things I did for my CFS (in terms of lowering fatigue levels) and it also lowered my cholesterol. After you've been... (16 replies)

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