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... like symptoms with low grade fever, that lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days? ... (11 replies)
Flu-like bouts
Mar 10, 2010
... muscle and sometimes low grade fever and reoccureing upper respitory infections. ... (1 replies)
Oct 30, 2006
... :blob_fire HI!:wave: People don't respond too much on this site hu? I need to find another one. The original doc thought fibro. Had neurological testing too. No ms ( although mri shows signifigant brain shrinkage compared to my age) negative on the nerve conduction test. But I went to a new doc. That was a day when I really had to drag my butt in there. Had a low grade... (2 replies)

Lupus or CFS
Jun 26, 2009
... (4 replies)
Lupus or CFS
Jun 20, 2009
... brain fog, headache, muscle weekness, joint pain and random headaches. I felt like i had the flu but not exactly. anyways the doctors came up with i was positive for EBV and my ana was positive so they suspected lupus. ... (4 replies)
Teenage newbie
Jun 15, 2002
... doctor. He misdiagnosed me with Lyme Disease, which I was treated for 6 months. Still I was sure it would all go away, that it was just a temporary problem. The fever did go away after 6 months, but the muscle pain did not. ... (0 replies)
... like symptoms and a low grade fever. Normally, the date I came down with some sort of virus would not stick in my head, except that I never got well. ... (16 replies)
New here.
Feb 19, 2011
... Sept. 08. After the shot I caught a very bad flu and just didn't seem to get over it. I ran a low grade fever, was totally exhausted, etc for almost a year. Then I started to feel a little better, but the fatigue just won't end. ... (1 replies)
... Do you feel like you have the flu sometimes, hurt all over from head to toe? ... (6 replies)
Apr 28, 2009
... rays and bloodwork are fine but recently I had a little more indepth testing and my DHEA and cortisol levels were low and my T3 Reverse was high, all of which are common with CFS. ... (21 replies)
... There have been times that I feel like I coming down with the flu but nothing tangible really develops. I remember once several years ago, I had a low grade fever for weeks but nothing else. Strange... ... (2 replies)
... pstein Barr. It showed that I had it but it is inactive now. In the meantime, I have really bad stomach problems, insomnia, pain under my armpits, occasionally a low grade fever of 99. ... (24 replies)
... How high was your ANA? Also check out the Lupus board. (3 replies)
... Has anyone experienced my symptoms, and if so, what was your diagnosis? My internist believes I probably have a mild case of Crohns since my sister has it, but I just dont know. Here are my symptoms: - positive ANA - flare-ups of entire body pain brought on by over exertion, exercise, stress (had to quite job because stayed in this constant state of flare-up (flu-like... (3 replies)
... n't say I've had the low grade fever, although I'm not in the habit of checking my temp, but I can say when I have a "flare" up it feels ten times worse than the flu and it is impossible to function. It's hard to say which it's from because the "flares" happen with all three of the diseases you mentioned. ... (11 replies)
... Thanx for your caring replys and your prayers. I'm not coping very well these days--depression has reared it's ugly head big time along w/ all of my other symptoms. I feel trapped--like life is passing me by. I cannot get the diagnosis of CFS or what all of these symptoms are about and it's really making me feel out of control. Since I wrote last I was in the psyche ward for... (14 replies)
... nth, and the other for 7 yrs. I was hard for me to distinguish the 2 at first. with CFIDS my tachycardia starts in and i have awful headaches a sore throat and a low grade fever and I feel as though i have the flu, with the muscle aches also and it's hard for me to energy at all! ... (9 replies)
... This all kicked off with the worst sickness of my life. I thought I had a really bad case of the flu as I got sick right after flying. ... (1 replies)
Could this be CFS?
Mar 26, 2001
... On and off for about a year now, I've been experiencing chills, low grade temp, night sweats, and fatigue. Sometimes, I get a fever blister on my mouth. This has been a pattern I've been following since a bout with what I thought was the flu about a year ago. ... (1 replies)

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