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... musicftm, I posted this to you on another board I think, but wanted to make sure you got it... Your symptoms are very common of multiple sclerosis. Optic neuritis - blurriness and eye pain - fatigue, anxiety (the pounding heart), vertigo (the dizziness you describe), "brain fog," limbs falling asleep, numbness. I don't know what your doc is thinking, but if he hasn't... (12 replies)
... Not to scare you, of course im not a doctor, but have you been tested for possible infection in the heart by the virus causing mono? maybe the doc could let you try both antibiotics and antiviral pills to see if that could help. IF he tells you there is no such thing, he is wrong. The cfs association of wisconsin is raising awarness of this issue, find it in the web search... (12 replies)

... I agree with evergreen sounds a lot like MS to me. (12 replies)
... ok a lot of testing though. Like you I have a lot of the ms symptoms. And the mri was negative. But I get low grade fevers which is NOT a symptom of ms. Which to me is good. But my right or left depending on the day drags. ... (12 replies)
... tell me what else you think it could be. thanks! ... (12 replies)
... sorry to be vague- but can you further explain CFS, never heard of it.. sounds like a lot of symptons i have... thanks! (10 replies)
... ple's sexual activity is supposed to decline after the first year of marriage, but this is ridiculous". Even watching sex scenes in movies had no more effect on me than if the couple involved had been brushing their teeth! ... (10 replies)
... Go to the CFIDS home page. They have a list (at least they used to) of docs that have been recommended by others. You might find one in your area. (8 replies)
... Do any of you know how to go about finding doctors who know how to diagnose CFS? ... (8 replies)
... If you have previously been told by your physician that you may have ME/CFS then these symptoms suggest MCS which is a sub symptom set of ME/CFS. We have many in our clinic with MCS and these symptoms suggest that. However if you do not have ME/CFS then there are many possibilities. Please note these symptoms you mention are NOT definitive for ME/CFS: " flu-like... (9 replies)
... doctors for my symptoms and they all shake there heads and refer me to someone else, so they don't have to admite that were not smart enough to find the problem. ... (9 replies)
Can anyone help?
May 30, 2006
... out 2 years ago, I became tired, tired ALL the time. I didn't sleep well at all either. I went to countless doctors and had MANY, MANY tests and they could not diagnose me, although they said it was postpartum depression, chronic fatigue, etc! I do not drink or dope, I'm not overweight and I've always been reasonably healthy. ... (4 replies)
... Shelovescliche, If you do any reading of the medical literature (or even much of the lay literature) you will find that there is indeed immune dysfunction in CFS and it is documented in MANY studies. It is much like AIDS in that the lymphocytic system is affected - and often even moreso than you find in AIDS patients. But, I'm just curious. Why did you think CFS does... (12 replies)
... Hi, I've had chronic fatigue syndrome for about 4 years now, and I started out with symptoms very similar to yours. However, I also had a test called a tilt table test done, which showed that I have something called NMH/POTS (neurally mediated hypotension/ postural trachiardal syndrome) which basically means that your blood pools easily in your lower extremities, causing... (12 replies)
... I've solved an identical problem. You may not want to believe this simple concept, but your body is probably breathing too fast and too shallow and your doctor and your body can't recognize the problem is due to fast breathing. Your body can recognize when you hold your breath. Your body just can't recognize slightly fast breathing, which I guarantee you can create problems... (12 replies)
... It *could* be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but the worst possible thing you could do is try to get a diagnosis from a message board. If you really think that you might have it--a lot of the symptoms of CFS are common with other conditions, as well--then ask your doctor. And if your doctor doesn't know the first thing about CFS, then go to someone who does. And as a... (12 replies)
... Some of your symptoms suggest lead poisoning. Did you switch jobs, pick up a new hobby, move into an older house - do something radically different, a few months before this started? You can pick up a kit to test the water in your home for lead content, at a home supply place. Doctor can test your blood for heavy metal content. Good luck, hope you find the problem soon.... (12 replies)
... I had the exact same symptoms as you, for several years, with the exception of the pounding heart (though I DID and occasionally still do get palpitations in my THROAT around the thyroid). My BP went from 90's/50's up to 140's/80's. I was eventually diagnosed with both CFIDS and Hashimoto's hypothyroidism (an endocrinologist finally tested BOTH antibodies and my anti TPO... (12 replies)
... Do you feel better/worse in different environments? Exa: work or school or home any worse? Sometimes it may be an environmental factor. Check possibly you may be having a reaction. Is your house older, recently built or recently remodeled? Do you have leaky pipes in your house or any mold in the basement? Look in the internet under sick building syndromes, they may have... (12 replies)

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