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... How can I get rid of fibromyalgia and herpes virus? ... (7 replies)
... CFS was diagnosed because of my ANA being positive. I later was diagnosed with mild lupus, I did not stick with that doctor, so the general doctor kept my dx of fibromyalgia and didn't believe I had an autoimmune disease. My muscle pain, general widespread aching, and muscle spasms, did not occur until a few years after the fatigue. ... (13 replies)
... Oh seeksbliss, please dont be frightened, i dont know how or what your body is with herpes, and what i have is extremely rare, its not in my back like how you discribed, so please dont be upset. I had severe outbreaks for over 30 years without any kind of treatment, and was born with cleft palet and had many surgeries to fix my ears as to being deaf till 3years old, then... (7 replies)

... I've had fibromyalgia most of my adult life and am now 56. I tried different drugs, but have given up on those and live with it. ... (7 replies)
... Good God! You have all of those symptoms strictly from herpes! Now I'm really frightened! Thanks for your reply. (7 replies)
... Hi seeksbliss, you know i dont really know. I think the virus lays dormant till an outbreak, but sometimes i have to watch if i get certain ear infections or migrain that causes palsy or high fever. When i do feel an outbreak it has been in the past to affect my ear canal and there is usually load of pressure in my neck like symptoms of meningitis along with more numbness... (7 replies)
... Does the herpes virus in your spine stay with you all the time or does it only flare up with an OB? ... (7 replies)
... I am too tired tonight to read through 11 pgs of this but this just caught my attention and I had to respond. I find it very weird that someone 22 years of age gets cursed with the kind of fatigue you are referring to, it happened to me at age 26. It was first diagnosed as CFS and autoimmune dysfunction because my ANA test was positive 1:320. It was just fatigue the start... (61 replies)
... Shannyk, thank you for clarification and I understand now. I'm so sorry you've had so many problems that are still causing you more problems now. Best wishes to you and I hope things get better! (7 replies)
... Hi anrolrerah, Ive had herpies for over 40 years, use to break out with them all over my face, up my nose and down my throat, the doctors werent sure what it was at first. After years of constant breakouts they finally said herpies then said not contageous and never treated me for it(was in the early 70's). I realized at 20 that Im allergic to oranges and anything with... (7 replies)
... The scary part of this is that science doesn't really know how many other disorders the Herpes Zoster virus can cause when it becomes reactivated or mutates. There is some research going on into this but not enough. ... (3 replies)
... he will also check your thyroid alot better than other doctors do. He has the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center on University Ave. He is a researcher, I guess is the proper title for him. He looks into many other researcher's protocol's. ... (10 replies)
... I have been on Armour thyroid since about September, 2004, and have had resolution to many of my "CFIDS" symptoms. I was dx with "Fibromyalgia/CFIDS" about 16 years ago, and have learned recently (by obtaining my medical records from that period) that thyroid studies were never done on me back then. I was working with many human viruses at the time in a biotechnology firm,... (27 replies)
... Okay, I have two questions/comments. First, I know that there is some SSD "code" for Chronic Fatigue, call it CFS or CFIDS, but I know it is much easier to get approved for SSD when you have a dx of CFS than just Fibromyalgia. I have seen it. Also, about the Lyme Test. My rheumy agreed to test me for this last year, but we never did. I think I forgot to mention it... (25 replies)
... I wanted to update a recent post on this thread. I will also duplicate this reply on the Fibromyalgia board. ... (18 replies)

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