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Lupus or CFS
Jun 28, 2009
... about 4 years ago i had a low white blood cell count, i was on prednisone at the time though so thats probably why. ... (4 replies)
Weight Loss
Mar 1, 2005
... I haven't been on this board and was just checking it as I have a friend with possible CF...I read your post with great interest because I recognised so many of the symptoms of cachexia in myself and wanted to talk to you more about this. ... (6 replies)
... going flu, but without the fever and cold. I would try treating it as such and just rest, only rest, until you are over this "flare". I find B12 helpful as well. ... (5 replies)

... I don't know if this is the right section for me because I don't know what on earth is happening to my health,I only know it's terrible and it's ruining my life. ... (5 replies)
... Can anyone help me. 61 yrs old, good health, healthy weight, eat well and I exercise. Several years back, around pre menopausal time, I started dealing with these spells. Identical every single time. I could and can to this day predict what will happen next. ... (2 replies)
Aug 9, 2018
... in the afternoon I crash and have to take a 20 minute nap. I work from home so that has been a blessing feeling this way. I had a full blood work up done a month or so ago, my blood counts all came back fine, thyroid, sugar etc... ... (2 replies)
... I've just joined this site because I'm feeling completely lost at the moment and it'd be nice to hear from anyone who's been through something similar. I have no idea what to do with my life since getting unwell, but I'm the type of person who likes to keep busy. ... (1 replies)
... Ok so.. I've had some symptoms over the past few years and whenever I go to the doctor there never seems to be an explanation for much, so I appreciate any input because I am at a loss. ... (2 replies)
... Ok, I'm 48 and yes I've been fatigued all my life at least most of the time. I'm looking for any kind of information I can get my hands on and any and all is appreciated. ... (1 replies)
... as ever, I don't really expect you to give these missives much time, I'm just trying to mark the things I need to talk about, or sort of notch my progress. ... (16 replies)
... Ask your doctor to do a Monospot test. That is a blood test that tests for the Epstein Barr Virus. Epstein Barr Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome seem to be interrelated. Also it would be a good idea to have a complete blood workup on your thyroid. (5 replies)
... s but I understand I use to think it was in my moms head she was on so many prescription drugs and she was depressed from a bad marriage and family passing away so I couldn't tell what was really wrong with her she said she had fibro and now I understand better because I'm suffering from chronic fatigue. ... (5 replies)
... My life is going down the drain. My boyfriend doesn't understand how i feel every day. He thinks it is in my head. I started having episodes of afib five years ago. I take a heart pill daily for that. ... (5 replies)
... I see no one has responded to your post, so I will give it a try. Do you think you might have CFIDS? ... (2 replies)
... In July '05 I had a Pemature baby at 5 weeks early, soon after that I got really sick with a gallbladder not functioning and "100s of stones" inside the gallbladder. So November 8th I had my gallbladder removed... ... (10 replies)
A Question.
Feb 21, 2004
... I have read that CFS sufferers do have very vivid dreams that are so real that you can even feel and touch within the dream. ... (3 replies)
... out to be negative with doppler ultrasound, and they diagnosed me with cellulitis and sent me off with Bactrim and Keflex. My PCP still thought it was phlebitis so he had me take aspirin and use heat on it. It began to resolve but then I started feeling very ill and weak, but no fever. ... (0 replies)
Diet and CFS
May 24, 2011
... if I can totally avoid sugar, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, most grains, yeast, then I feel much better. ... (2 replies)
... I know what you are saying i feel the same way, for awhile now i have been real fatigue. To add to it i have bad digestive problems. I could do something for a about 30 min and get real tired and have to lay down. ... (4 replies)
Please, help me.
Dec 12, 2008
... I am 25...since I was 17 I have had extreme fatigue...sleeping does not refresh me. I wake up in the morning and my muscles feel weak and achy. I want to nap all the time. I start dreaming at my desk at work because I'm so tired. Boredom makes things worse. I have a lot of aches and pains. ... (8 replies)

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