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... Just thought you may be interested in our experience of the Lightning Process just in case you are considering it. ... (10 replies)
... Hi, Sorry to hear about your daughter Joodles. I have been well for a year now since doing the Lightning Process, after nearly 8 years of M. ... (10 replies)
... eel I have to reply to this post. I had ME for 18 yrs, was wheelchair bound, needing a lot of help to look after our home and our children...until I learned the Lightning Process last year. ... (10 replies)

... Thanks Lucy A despite my tenedency to go towards treatments with some sort of scientific background I feel pretty silly looking back at how easily I got suckered into the hype surounding the Lightning Process, but it did claim to have some effect on adrenaline release (which can sometimes be an issue in M.E./CFS-although not for everyone). I certainly wish I'd never heard of... (3 replies)
... Tom66, very sorry to hear this happened to you. I am a member of another m.e board and lightning process has weidled similar resulsts to others. ... (3 replies)
... I am so sorry that your daughter is poorly and is having trouble with the Lightning Process. I had tremendous success with the it. ... (10 replies)
... r has the chance to try again, maybe with another practitioner. Initially,I was bed ridden permanently for many months and then crashed every few days. I did the Lightning Process having spoken to over 40 people who had recovered. ... (10 replies)
... cure"... I feel so bad for your daughter if she believed for a second not getting better was anything her fault. I'd like to hear from YOU more please, what is Lightning Process? ... (10 replies)
... ou jump to conclusions, please dont make assumptions based on nothing. It doesn't get anyone anywhere, and it deters an open mind. I try my best to disprove with experience rather than disprove with assumption. I tend to say things like what you said, myself, but have you tried it? ... (73 replies)
... Hi, thanks for the response. I have had much the same experience in researching the lightning process on the web which is very offputting. Talking to my friend thats got better was the only really positive input I have had about the process. ... (73 replies)
... it would seem that you have some scientific knowledge, but you don't state whether you have ME, or have experience of ME. You also seem to know next to nothing about the various methods involved in NLP. ... (73 replies)
... or even when we experience something very joyful in our lives. The adrenals don't know the difference between negative stress and positive stress! Where does that put LP? ... (73 replies)
... Do not be disheartened! Firstly, although my husband is a master NLP practitioner, he does not have specific experience of dealing with ME. He specialises in the business application, not therapeutic application of NLP. ... (73 replies)
... Another description that was sent to me with allusions to what actually happens at the sessions: NOT MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, IM STILL REALLY ILL! (73 replies)
... that it will be a good experience regardless, as a first itme out of the country. I just wish it wasn't so teeth pulling, nails on a chalkboard to get well, or get information. ... (73 replies)
... Hi, don't worry about the web site. I still feel its a bit marketing driven but I don't care my daughter experience was just like they described on their success stories. ... (73 replies)
... most scientific and comprehensive treatment for many auto immune disorders, it's a pity the docs in this country don't have the foresight to give it a go on the experience of patients in America. All stuck on CBT and graded excercise in the UK. ... (2 replies)
... I'm really terribly sorry that you have gone through this. I have been HIGHLY suspicious of Phil Parker and his dubious therapy for a long time now. Let this be a lesson to ALL CFS patients...if the therapy requires you to push yourself past the limitations that you know you have, DON'T DO IT or you could pay dearly for it. Again, very sorry, and I hope that this... (3 replies)
... I can only voice my personal experiences of LP, but I am also in contact with another 5 M.E.'ers who have done LP and all have relapsed BADLY:mad: I was walking wounded before I did the course (could walk about half an hour a day before getting too tired/painful, or drive a similar amount of time) and after two weeks of applying LP to the letter all I was doing was managing... (3 replies)
... Sinead they like to keep it all a secret, because they don't want it open to proper scrutiny. If LP works it is admitting there is no physical cause to ME, which, as far as I am concerned is utter rubbish. They go on about it all being situated in the hypothalamus, and being caused by an inflammation of that gland. The hypothalamus is a real mystery gland (I know a lot about... (10 replies)

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