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... I get really tired during the day, and suffer from low energy levels and find it very had to concentrate on the work at hand. I heard somewhere that I can get i nutrionist or someone to write me out an eating plan to maximise the energy i get from the food i eat. ... (16 replies)
... with the body actually viewing the food as a foreign invader. this saps your energy as the body sees fighting off the deemed invader are more important avenue for energy useage. ... (16 replies)
... what other health benefits are there of eating a high protein diet with low carbs? ... (16 replies)

No energy, help!
May 20, 2005
... Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to increase energy levels. I've been taking Zoloft 100mg and Celebrex. I've been on the zoloft for 2 years for mood swings. Since I've been on it I've had no sex drive. Not low but zero. ... (16 replies)
... is a great way to maintain energy, not to speak of the other health benefits. ... (16 replies)
... Obviously, you don't understand the meaning of strict in relation to low carb. I have know many people and have talked to many people online who were strict low carbers, and they ate few veggies and fruits never touched their mouths. ... (16 replies)
... I knew that you would jump on me for my comments. I was talking about STRICT LOW CARB. That is why I used the word STRICT. Meat, cheese, eggs, fats. That is strick low carb. ... (16 replies)
... There was no aggression in my comment at all. I don't know of anyone eating low carb (strict or not) who restricts all vegetables and fruit so your comment seemed rather extreme and one-sided to me. Take care (16 replies)
... Low carb does not mean that you don't eat veggies or fruit, you just try to avoid those that have a high carb content. You might want to do some research on the concept. Just a suggestion. ... (16 replies)
... If you are having major problems with fatigue, I recommend that you don't follow a "strick" low carb diet, meaning only meats, cheeses, eggs, fats, and the occasional salad. I had a long discussion with my doctor who is a CFS specialist about diet, and she said no one with CFS should be strick low carb. That said... ... (16 replies)
... Atkins lists numerous examples of the benefits in his book, such as lowering blood sugar for diabetics, contributing to weight loss, lowering blood pressure, etc........... ... (16 replies)
... i recently tried the candida or a similar caveman diet and have regained some energy and lost some of the fatigued feeling.main things to avoid are sugars and carbs. ... (16 replies)
... If you are interested in low carbing I would read Dr. Atkins first book, just because he explains so well the reasoning behind the concept. ... (16 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. ... (16 replies)
... eat meat,fish and poultry and I am much healthier than I was when macrobiotic or eating a lot of grains. This works for me, it may not for everyone. I also like the concepts of the blood type diet developed by Dr. Adamo. I am O positive so this way of eating, for me, works for that system as well. ... (16 replies)
... Sorry if I'm not correct here, but does the Atkins diet recommend eating a bunch of red meat, such as bacon, to help promote weight loss? ... (16 replies)
... the diet is found everywhere i found mine off a candida site detox's wouldnt hurt either (16 replies)
... I am a 36 year old mother and wife, and the last few months my energy levels have gotten so low that now my husband has to do all of the cleaning, cooking, laundry etc.... ... (10 replies)
Teen with CFS?
Jun 11, 2016
... fall asleep during school and sometimes when I'm working I forget how to spell my own name. ... (3 replies)
Aug 16, 2003
... hours, falling asleep at the drop of a hat during the day, no energy to do anything, etc. The "brain fog" is awful, isn't it? ... (3 replies)

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