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... Yes, it is called the "Lightening Process" because it is a "process" in which ones wallet is quickly "lightened". It is similar to that load of crap called 'reverse therapy'. (73 replies)
... I myself and am very sick at the moment, would say that this is quakery. I have CFS/ME and am concerned, very concerned about his person who has come up with this. And of course this is for the whole group. I have had this illness since 1998 and find it rather frustrating that and again, someone is trying to take advantage of very ill people. Quoting a comment made by... (73 replies)
... Hi, does anyone know anything about the Phil parker Lightning process? ... (73 replies)

... You must understand that the skepticism is geared towards Phil Parker, the Lightning Process, and the possible solicitors roaming the web. ... (73 replies)
... I am currently falling deeper and deeper into a fatigue hole myself and was interested to read about this process.. However that is where the problem lies, there are no details I can find anywhere that actually explain the process or give ANY idea how it works it what happens. Very strange and cultish feel to it with "Phil Parker" as a Jesus type character with special powers;... (73 replies)
... This is what it said in the Daily Mail article about the Lightning Process. ... (73 replies)
... Hi I'm the mother of a 17 year old who was suffering badly with ME up until we went on the Lightning Process course will Phil Parker at the end of Sept 2006. ... (73 replies)
... Hi i am the mother of the 17 year old who is now much better for the lightning process and I would be happy to answer questions you have. ... (73 replies)
... My feeling is that if there is something to the Lightning Process, Phil Parker just borrowed psychological theories to explain it without actually knowing why it does. ... (73 replies)
... ecause I know other people have had very good results with him. I daresay London would be easiest if you are coming from the US though and that's obviously where Phil Parker is based. ... (73 replies)
... Just a word of caution. If you read the Daily Mail 2001, you will find Emily, Ester Ransomes daughter was 'cured' by CBT. (73 replies)
... igue on the web. At first we didnt take any notice of her as I had read about so many miracle cures on the web but she actually went one step further and phoned Phil Parker and got some info for us. ... (73 replies)
... igue on the web. At first we didnt take any notice of her as I had read about so many miracle cures on the web but she actually went one step further and phoned Phil Parker and got some info for us. ... (73 replies)
... people to pay such a high cost for a completely obscure and unproven treatment. One must ask, "If this therapy is so effective and groundbreaking, why wouldn't Phil Parker have studies setup to PROVE how effective it is? ... (73 replies)
... Did you ever find his website? I found it and it all depends on how you view hypnotherapy. I would not go because I don't believe in it. But you on the other hand and others might would so whats good for one person may not be for someone else, and him saying even though he says he's not that ME is in your head and needs psychological training is a bunch of "hooey" and... (73 replies)
... t roughly when she'd be able to fit be in so I could book time off work and she just had spaces in March. I think different practitioners are busier than others, Phil Parker himself presumably being the most booked up. I guess it depends on your area. ... (73 replies)
... Thank you for your comments and I sincerely do hope the Lightning Process is an answer for us all...I just want to make that clear. About Reverse Therapy... ... (73 replies)
... I have a friend tried the lightning process and she seems a lot more positive about everything but is physically about the same. I've a young relative going to try it as well. ... (73 replies)
... Apparently you are seeking it out, because you only have one post, and have done a search on "the lightning proess". Either that or created another account to bash it. ... (73 replies)
... Again reading about NLP I find that all of his methods are lifted from that too. He like Phil is a qualified hypnotist and NLP practitioner. ... (73 replies)

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