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... I think this is a PERFECT example of how the Lightning Process might work ! !!! ... (73 replies)
... I find the Lightning Process very interesting and am considering making the trip through to the UK. ... (73 replies)
... I admire you going through with the Lightning Process and I do hope that it works wonderfully for you. By all means, please share with us your journey through it and how well it worked for you. ... (73 replies)

... :wave: New to this forum so please bear with me!! Have been reasearching Lightning Process for a while - both I and son have ME and we have an LP practitioner near here (its interesting though, that even as they've had so much success (aparently) my GP Doctor, who practices less than 10 miles from the LP, had never heard of him - so much for miraculous!!) . However I know... (73 replies)
... rson who would give an honest, detailed account of this practice, I might try it, but my search has continued to yield nothing of the kind. I won't say that the Lightning Process is a scam, but I'm not at all convinced of its effectiveness. ... (73 replies)
... Rondis, thank you for giving us some explanation about the Lightning Process. Could you go into a little more depth please? ... (73 replies)
... My daughter (17) has now been totally well since 17th of January, after 4 heavy years of ME. We went to Wales to Amir Norris. I have been told that it doesn't seem to matter who you visit, the success rate is high - claims 97 %, after having said no to some during the application process. The Lightning Process (LP)-theory is that the body is stuck in a pattern governed by... (73 replies)
... In the same way the lightning process is something you have to learn in the correct order. If I told you the end stage, it would make it harder for you to learn the earlier ones! ... (73 replies)
... Yes, you are correct. I just found out that The Daily Mail posted an article about The Lightning Process on January 9th, 2007. FINALLY, the process is explained! Very interesting reading, but does it work? ... (73 replies)
... what exactly is the lightning process? ... (73 replies)
... Hi, thanks for the response. I have had much the same experience in researching the lightning process on the web which is very offputting. Talking to my friend thats got better was the only really positive input I have had about the process. ... (73 replies)
... I've attempt to talk to several people on the web claiming to have gotten better with the Lightning Process, but I still know close to nothing about this therapy. ... (73 replies)
... What is it with me and this thread, it just fasincates me far too much! Phil Parkers book on the process will be published some time this year - so dont know if he will tell all himself? Looks like he won't be doing! (73 replies)
... I was reading some of the postings on the previous message board which seemed to have been stopped. So thought I would post something as I did the lightning process with Phil this year and I have found it very helpful. ... (6 replies)
... With regards to the lymphatic system I think that what Phil was saying that if you use the process as taught you body will, in time, begin to work properly and therefore your lymphatic system will work properly too. ... (6 replies)
... I'm really terribly sorry that you have gone through this. I have been HIGHLY suspicious of Phil Parker and his dubious therapy for a long time now. ... (3 replies)
... I think the name given to this illness can open a can of worms but basically in the UK it is mostly doctors who call it CFS and patients who call it M.E. I think the M.E. stands for something like Myalgic Encephalitis. Doctors dont like this as they say it is not an accurate description of the illness. Patients dont like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because it doesnt describe... (73 replies)
... My post was an attempt to get others to look at some of the claims of LP in a new light, by posing some questions that didn't come up in other posts, but which I found glaring in their omission. I was raised in a home where analysis and debate about ideas was the norm. We enjoyed it. We became passionate when presenting our arguments. Luckily, each of us accepted when... (73 replies)
... Can someone pls tell me what ME is? I have CFS and know some of the abbreviations, but having trouble with ME? Thanks for the info. (73 replies)
... Hi Catwoman I totally understand your skepticism, but find your attitude a little insulting. I have spent years reading about (and thinking about) ME, as my Mum has been ill for 12 years and has, at times, been VERY poorly with it. So, as a neuroscientist and a relative of a sufferer - and now as a sufferer myself! - I consider myself pretty well-read on the subject. ... (73 replies)

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