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... Another description that was sent to me with allusions to what actually happens at the sessions: NOT MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, IM STILL REALLY ILL! (73 replies)
... My dates for the LP have now been changed from the beginning of March to the end unfortunately. Once it had been booked I felt eager just to get on and do it. Anyway will be letting you all know how it goes, though from the earlier comments am now rather freaked out that if i do provide a good description I may in some way be hindering those who read it from having success... (73 replies)
... HowieMel :claps: :claps: .. I have to say, regardless of the fact that you didn't actually explain how it works, you made a very good impression on how it is put together. I really do appreciate that, and what you have said is very impactful. I could see how for some people, that might not make a difference. But just giving those great analogies of taking baby steps,... (73 replies)

... haven't heard anything back yet :( :( I'm considering traveling to London from the US, and with the help of my sister, taking a loan out. I've already spent allot of money on getting well, too much, but here's to hoping. Its better to keep trying new things, than to sit idle and accept living like this forever. I figure if this doesn't work out ( which i do have... (73 replies)
... Ok, that's cool. We will all appreciate it a whole lot. Thank you! (73 replies)
... Please Optimus, share with us what you have learned! How did you friend explain the process to you? (73 replies)
... BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP I dont care who you are, or where you come from, whoever has more information would be much appreciated ~~~!!! I'm sick of being sick ! i'de rather keep pushing on for information that dream about 9mm's Taureancloud thank you for your rseponse way back in i think page 2. I usually leave a week or more untill i... (73 replies)
... Great. Oh, I really hope it goes well! Yes, I've had this theory explained to me by a therapist in london and it really does seem to make sense to me. Unfortunately, his technique for 'rewiring' the brain responses didn't really work for me, so I'm still searching. But it was definitely never about changing thoughts etc., more about trying to get at an automatic response... (73 replies)
... Hi Katie yes thats how my friend (who has recovered) described it. Obviously I was concerned I would be told that it was all in my mind or that i subconsciously didn't really want to get better or some such rubbish, but she assured me this wasn't how it was presented. Much more to do with changing the unconscious messages the brain sends to our body than positive thinking... (73 replies)
... Hi guys I've been 'lurking' over this post for the last couple of days and am really intruiged... I'd love to try this treatment, but will definitely have to save up first. Just wanted to put a request in to the people who are signed up for it: please, please, please do report back - so often, these sorts of boards end up being places where people only report on things... (73 replies)
... Hi I'm not going to post again on here on any other site as I'm beginning to get a bit fed up with some of the comments eg mother of 17 year dughter postings by different people and that I'm being selfish. I have posted similar things on other sites but always in my name. I'm am just so happy to have a healthy child I wanted to share the news. No one tells people... (73 replies)
... I have continued my research and conintued to hit brick walls. In conclusion the Lightening Process either forces it's participants not to disclose it's methods or the people who have done it become strangely selfish with the information. Though from what I have read it is very simple and can be taught in FIVE MINUTES - it is just the seminar pads it out. So come on "footey"... (73 replies)
... Itaintalld&g - Will race you there! HowieMel - Those were exactly my concerns. In fact I wouldn't touch it had I not actually known someone who I trust that has got better. So I have decided to just take a risk and go for it. But just to make clear I AM IN NO WAY encouraging anyone to do the same! (73 replies)
... Maybe it's all an alien conspiracy!!! Anyway, I'll await confirmation of the application I've sent off and see how it goes from there. I'll happily post back after the event and give more detail. I'm not religious, so if they ask me to swear on the bible, it won't hold much water. Good luck taureancloud! Let's see who gets there first. Footeys - Thanks for your info... (73 replies)
... I'm tempted but we are really broke at the mo cause I've been off sick for 6 months. I don't mind spending the money if it works but I'd be most gutted if it doesn't. I just don't know what to do (73 replies)
... I am currently filling in the application form too. It's taking me a while to complete though because, ironically, I keep running out of energy :) Will definately let everyone know how it goes though when I do complete it. Thanks for the info btw footseys, that was helpful, cheers! (73 replies)
... Hi, Anyone have any more information on the LP? I've just sent an application form off to try it, on behalf of the wife. It'd be great to hear from anyone else who has tried it. On the application form you had to grade your level of debilitation from 1-10, I think. Is there anyone out there whose taken it who was at the poor end of the scale (1-2)? On a side note, if... (73 replies)
... Hi, don't worry about the web site. I still feel its a bit marketing driven but I don't care my daughter experience was just like they described on their success stories. I think one of the reasons why people think those that have attended are funnily about giving out the information is its so hard to explain why it works. But here a few bits The course talks a lot... (73 replies)
... Hi, since you have experienced it first hand do you think you could tell me a little more about the actual process? I understand its to do with identifying thought patterns and changing them but do you think you could give an example of what type of thought pattern so I would have a better idea of what i would be asked to do? By the way I have to say that when i talk to my... (73 replies)
... I'm very interested to know either how your friend is doing so far, or if you are definitely going to try it yourself. Its more convincing having someone still questioning the process while their friend is supposedly doing well. Its more convincing than someone posting on a message board raving how they are better. But in any case, please keep us updated Hi sorry... (73 replies)

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