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... c I Dont Think They Are Drinking Enough. I Just Really Couldnt Afford To Miss Anymore Work. People Act As If A Tonsilectomy Is A Piece Of Cake I Wish They Would Make People More Aware That Everyone Is Different. ... (71 replies)
... Dear Panama City Mom, I just read your message about your surgery and your quote about not having a deviated septum repaired. Our 20 yr. daughter is having her tonisils out in June and then her deviated spetum repaired in July. I would appreciate any insight you may have regarding this surgery. She really does need it, but now I'm concerned. Thanks for your help. San Jose... (71 replies)
... the worst surgery they have ever experienced, I advised them not to have a deviated septum straightened. That was worse than childbirth, my hysterectomy and this tonsilectomy combined. ... (71 replies)

Last Hopes Dashed
Apr 24, 2007
... PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THESE SIGNS... A simple outpatient ENT tonsilectomy and adnoidectomy can solve this in most cases. ... (14 replies)
... My 19 year old son had surgery on Tuesday 5/23 and was pretty good the first day. It's day 3 and it's getting worse. 2 questions... 1.what do the potato chips do? Grease the throat or provide salt for healing? (Can't convince him to eat them..hoping a rational reason will convince him) 2. Has anyone had problems with the uvula being cut on both sides as a result of the... (71 replies)
... Hello. My 1 1/2 yr old son is going in to get his tonsils and adnoids out and tubes in his ears on Valentines Day. I am scared to death. His docter wanted to wait until he turned 2 but he has been on so many doses of antibiotics that some of the medicines aren't working anymore-immune to them. He has trouble sleeping and eating. He only stays well for a max of 2 weeks. ... (71 replies)
... my daughters name is fawn, and she has found that piece of candy to pop in her mouth, strong candy like mint, after being given the pain med wich she says taste AWFUL,, helps her. (71 replies)
... :wave: hi, my baby just had a T&A. lol , she is 11 i say baby because i have had ten and she is my last. i love her to sooooo much. she is in a lot of pain but . im so glad to have found this site. sometimes we think we are the only one with a problem. just not so. i would do any thing to have been able to take her place. a lot of good ideas posted here. and all we can do is... (71 replies)
... I found out yesterday that I am going to have a tonsilectomy. My doctor is leaving the decision up to me, do I want to be sick and in and out of the doctors all the time, or take the two weeks of pain and get it over with? I must say I'm scared to death, just the mere thought of having this surgury is giving me butterflys in my stomach. I'm 21 and I know it will hurt more than... (71 replies)
... Hello to all you suffering tonsilectomy patients. I'm 20 years old and on day 2 of recovery from having my tonsils removed. So far no pain. ... (71 replies)
... I STRONGLY suggest to you "CAT" to eat potato chips, one small bite at a time and chew gum!!!! Your jaw will feel much better, and the head pain will go away! Get off the percocet! That is so bad for you and habit forming, not a good idea for you to start especially with 4 kids! Let me know how you are when you try this for 2 days! Also my daughter was 7 at the time of her... (71 replies)
... Hi I am new and I just wanted to say if you have never tried tylenol sore throat liquid it might be effective. It coats the throat well. I would ask the dr if it will be good for someone going thru the misery of tonsilitis or tonsilectomy. I hope this helps someone. Mizgrace ------------------ Live,love and laugh. Share,smile and be sincere. (71 replies)
... My daughter is having her tonsils and adnoids out and when the nurse called me with pre-op information she said something that made sense! When a child is out of surgery they will be given tylenol with codiene(unless alergic). Normally the regular perscription given is alcohol based thus causing a terrible burning sensation and making it a miserable time for both parent and... (71 replies)

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