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I went to the doctor with body aches, slight sore throat and low grade fever. I still have it 5 days later with little healing. The doctor tells me this is normal and to expect to feel this way for 7-10 days but I am concerned bc right after the Motrin/ Tylenol wears off I go right back to 100.4 temperature with body aches. Just checking to see if this is ok, as I am concerned and I do not usually get viral infections.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
We all catch viruses.....many times with no symptoms.

Your doctor should have done a throat swab and nasal swab.
I would go to another clinic and ask for a swab.....not all bacterial infections cause high fever, so it's good to have it checked. A blood test is a good idea as well to check if anything else is going well as a urine sample. Chronic low grade infections can cause systemic symptoms.

Are you coughing? That can cause a worsening of inflamed tissue in the throat and back of the mouth.

Im curious if you've recently had any medication changes or any other health issues?

Please keep is updated on how you're doing.


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