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Re: Flu
Jan 23, 2018
Went back to bed after post. Had hopes of finally breathing and in less pain to to be able to sleep.

Felt sensation of floating in mid air in the direction of a teeter totter, difficulty sleeping continued. Finally fell asleep for 5 - 10 minutes(or less even).

Bolted out of bed to my feet "drowning", could not breath. Coughed up that last cup of Clear American drunk before bed (carbonated calorie-free sweetened water).

Got out a large belch. Continued to get out more.

For whatever reason, the carbon had trapped itself, apparently causing the prior floating sensation. Not clear on how this led to "drowning". I generally don't drink carbonated beverages let alone in bed, so I've no idea if this is normal.

Was able to sleep for 2 hours after calming down from that. (Small victory.)

YaYagirl: Good trick with the cat. Are you or your mom a vet?
My comment about the dogs eating/shredding the toilet paper was sarcastic in nature, as it's annoying to have to yell them off from a 3 foot tall, lidded trash can repeatedly when you're exhausted/can barely move/have little voice left, only to wake up to find they made a shredded mess. They have many play/chew options. The infused cough drop smell was attracting them, not to mention the negative attention reinforcing the behavior into a game. Maybe you missed it, but I did switch to a soda can, so no more worries in that department.

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