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Jan 23, 2018
The last time I had the flu was in 2005 or 2007.

I forgot how horrible they are.

I am drenched in sweat, yet again. I have the heat on to 73. All I've done is sit here.

It's been about 72 hours since I stopped being able to sleep and I think the total sleep count is around 6 hours. I can't breath, so I wake up. My head hurts so much just resting on a pillow, I can't lay down long. It hurts so much I need 4 Advil just to be able to get it manageable. Professional checked my lungs and suggested laying on my right side when sleeping to help drain the fluid that is on that side.

One eye ball started hurting from the sinus pressure, so after 5 days of this, I caved in and got real Sudafed this afternoon. (Was taking Immun boost tincture every 2 hours. Did nothing I could tell except make my breath taste of garlic.)

Now my mouth is unbelievable dry and I'm too anxious to relax. I keep dream-thinking up some anxiety to keep me from falling asleep.

Drip drip drip in sweat.

Coughing so hard is causing stress incontinence... thank goodness for puppy pads that I usually use for periods.

Every muscle is my neck is going "EEEK" with tension. Tried a shower which did feel very nice but the coldness after the shower did more harm.

Appetite is gone but tummy wants food. Had an apple earlier just to eat something.

Can't really move without panting heavily, just can't get in enough air even laying down. Just to pull the blanket up over me uses up my strength.

Productive coughing has coated countless toilet paper squares. Dogs are enjoying eating/shredding them. I have half filled an empty soda can in about 12 hours of coughing up flem.

All I can say is if hell exists, it must feel like this.

At this point, I would really just like be sleeping the day away and headache free

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