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[QUOTE=Cindy89;5477633]What works for you when you get a cold or flu? Thanks everyone[/QUOTE]

Prevention is the best way to deal with colds or flu. I never get colds because I maintain a strong immune system. If you get frequent colds it indicates a subpar immune system. As far as the flu, I get a flu shot every year and haven't had any flu-like symptom for almost a couple of decades.

For a cold, I wouldn't take any meds (over the counter or otherwise) because your body is purposely causing those symptoms for a reason - that's your immune system in action trying to fight it off. As was mentioned, drink plenty of fluids and rest. Maybe some honey for a cough?

If you get the flu, you might need to see a doctor if it gets really bad, depending on your age. The very young and very old are at greatest risk.

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