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Re: Deadly Flu
Dec 5, 2003
[QUOTE=quincy]Hi NancyH,

I think that you should go to the doctor to get your chest problem dealt with. You may have bronchitis, which should be cleared up with antibiotics. I was on zithromax for a chest cold gone awry 2 years ago, and it worked great. I'm just getting over a sinus/larynx infection with Clavulin. I'm feeling tons better.

You might also ask your doctor about a prescription for a preventative like corticosteroid or other to be taken to keep the inflammation down and to prevent scarring from chest infection incase your asthma will flare during this.

Apparently the A Fugian flu is a mutation of the Panama Flu..which is immunised against this year. It will give you some protection from it, but it's possible to get it....or one of the other hundred flu viruses floating around.

I have asthma also, and use a preventer and recsue inhaler when needed. With this past cold, I doubled the preventer, and am now starting to decrease because my asthma is doing incredibly well. I'm happy about that.

I do hope you get it looked at, especially since you have youngsters in your midst. I don't think you're the only one who's paranoid. There's so much that we are exposed to on a daily basis -- if we ONLY KNEW more! Ah, but the old saying may be true....ignorance is bliss.

Do take care, get well soon.

thanks, today it is gone, tomorrow it will be back I'm sure. Dr said my sinus drainage is a contributing factor. As my lungs were clear of congestion. And you are right, ignorance can be bliss! I just wish I wasn't so nosy and need to read about everything.

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