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I have seen a number of posts concerning this current flu strain and fevers. Here is a personal experience I'll share, as it might answer some concerns or perhaps give a little insight to the fever question.

Last week I fought this new strain of flu. Thankfully I had help. My neighbor and friend is a registered nurse. She knew I was sick and assisted me in recovering. Initially she evaluated me and realized I was pretty sick. I had the body aches & pains, chills, coughing, malaise and fever. When it came to my fever, she didn't fool around. Her initial finding was that I was running a 103.8 temp. (orally). I wasn't thrilled on her strong suggestion on temperature taking, but let her do a rectal temperature on me. My temperature was hovering close to 105F! (Rectal)

I wound up in the E.R., and she was there too. She told the staff about my condition, and as soon as I was brought into the treatment room, I had my temperature taken rectally again. This time it was up to 105.4F!

The E.R. people held me for a while, and how they did it (other than having me drink mass amounts of cold water) helped reduce my core temperature to about 102.6F. Still they were wary, yet let me return home after having had to take a dose of something like motrin.

Once home my friend continued to monitor my temperature (rectally). She realized I was somewhat chagrined about the rectal method, but re-iterated what was told to me at the E.R., and that was, that sometimes it is necessary for the temperature to be taken this way, and that if your temperature is significantly elevated after an oral reading, you're certainly going to have a higher core body temperature when taken rectally.

I understand that this method, though accurate as it is, especially when done using a glass, mercury thermometer, or any other rectal thermometer is the bane of many who are sick, be it the flu or anything else.

As I said, various posts cover this subject (fevers w/ flu) and if ,as many posts indicate, the reading is what would be called or considered "high", then depending on how it was taken might indicate how sick someone is with this flu.

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