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Hi. thanks for your response. A herpes attack? Why? No coldsores. Did have a huge zit under my nose a couple of days ago that took forever to go away. Now that the node isn't sore anymore and isn't as swollen, I just have the headaches and some pressure in my face including in my throat-feels a bit like my airway will shut down-no difficulty breathing, just some pressure in the back of my throat. Can I have a sinus infection without having a stuffy nose, sore throat, etc? What could this be???? Do you have to go on Antibiotics all the time or do you just wait it out? Nope, haven't tried sudafed-may pick some up tonight though....want this to go away!


It most definitely can be a sinus infection or possibly a herpes attack. Do you have any coldsores as well? Do you get any relief from Sudafed?

I get the same thing on occasion, I do have sinus stuffiness and when I get a cold I get the swollen glands under the jaw.

I also have neck problems and tend to clench my jaw. I see a chiro for that. I do get relief after an appointment, but if it's a cold, it will run its course, but the headache is gone!

I would definitely see the doctor if it continues. Must add... As well, weather fluctuations make me worse!


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