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I asked about the asthma/eczema because they're related and if it runs in your's possible you might have it because of the wheezing you're having. Both run in my family...and guess who has them both??
ans: I've never had eczema, and the wheezing is just since the pneumonia last year. I'm sorry you have both asthma/eczema. I had a client once who's eczema was so bad. Did you know that laying in the sun, and the tanning bootHs were helpful with eczema?

Are you by chance on any other meds such as high blood pressure meds? Sometimes they can cause a wheeze or cough.
ans: The only other meds I take daily, is Atenolol for my SVT arrhythmia, and the Advair inhaler, (lowest dosage) which I take once a day..sometimes I can go two days. Would you know if the Advair can cause dryness in the throat, and coughing? I think it does. I also at times get horseness. Like I have to clear my throat a lot.

It's also possible that after one has a lung infection, the lung becomes more reactive. It's also possible that you might have a bit of scarring from the pneumonia. Did by chance the doc put you on a corticosteroid inhaler when you were sick? That's an option at this point to hopefully to help the inflammation that might cause the wheezing.
ans: When I had the pneumonia, (after my first flu shot) I was on everything. Antibiotics, Prednisone, Advair. It took over 6mos for this bout to clear up..which is why I'm so afraid of getting inoculated again.

As well....are you possibly suffering from GERD or reflux? Sometimes that can cause some wheezing.
ans: Yes I do have reflux, I take Nexium on occasion. I am also overweight which I think contributes.

If you're might want to get thoroughly checked out by your doctor,maybe have a chest x-ray and a respiration test to make sure that you're not having another problem.
ans: I have recently had a thorough check up by a pulmanist, and he advised me to continue with Advair and also singular, he said my asthma was allergy related.. but I can't take the singular daily, as combination meds daily will give me migraines. So I just use the Advair, as it helps my wheezing, which is the only problem with my airways that I have far. I don't know what it's like to have an actual asthma attack (and I hope I never do) I don't have breathing difficulties, just the wheezing.

I did call about the appointment about the flu shots....and the clinic at my doctor's office doesn't have them till the end of the month. So, I can go any time.
ans: Good, I heard there is no shortage on the pneumonia shots, just the flu shots, and some areas have been giving them now, but most won't have the vaccine till the end of October.

I have since ended up with a cold. When I was writing my previous reply, I was getting pains in my ear and throat. I just went to the doctor that day about my asthma and fighting off "something". I got another inhaler that has worked quite nicely....but doesn't it figure that I got sicker the day AFTER I went to the doctor. It's been a rough few days, but I think the worst is over. I HATE HAVING A COLD...BLEH!!
ans: Sry you have a cold, I hope your feeling better. Do you take vitamin C, vitamins, and enzymes to boost your immunity up? I hear vitamin C is good for asthma too. Take hot showers, with lots of steam. If you like garlic, put a cut up fresh clove in your salad, or mash one in your soups..good for the immunity also.

I do hope you come to a decision that you and your husband are confident about. I hope we all get through the season relatively healthy!
ans: Well, so far I may just go with the pneumonia shot, but I don't think I'm going with the flu shot this year. I'm still too skeptical, I mean even last year they gave us the wrong strain. :eek:

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