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Blowing up blood!
Dec 28, 2004
Last Thursday, I thought I was coming down with a cold because I had developed a sore throat and a stuffy nose (but just the left nostril)

Over the weekend, it got worse, and I began blowing up blood anytime I'd blow my nose. (and again, it would only come out of the LEFT side)

So then I started to figure it was a sinus infection (had a headache too) and went to the dr. He gave me a prescription for a strong decongestant and an antibiotic. But he said I should wait 3 days before I fill the antibiotic to make sure it was a bacterial infection and not a viral.

Well this morning, I woke up and was blowing up blood like crazy! Like 5 tissues! Sorry to be so graphic. Then I kept coughing and spitting out blood, and it kept going down my throat and i was tasting it in my mouth. yuck! And it's just blood too that's coming out of my nose. Maybe a tiny bit of clear or slightly yellow mucus, nothing green. But most of the stuff I blow up is just red blood.

Does this sound like something antibiotic would fix? Maybe I should go ahead and get that prescription filled. I had a sinus infection before and once i took antibiotics, i felt better. But I understand that the dr. isn't sure if it is bacterial and i wouldn't want to waste my money on meds I don't need.

But the bloody nose is scaring me. Anybody else get nosebleeds with sinus infections?

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